The Four Best Entry-Level Wage Sectors in 2019

When it comes to entering the world of work or a new sector, it is key to make an informed choice. Whether you are thinking of what to do for your first job or simply looking at moving your current career path, taking the time to make the right call is essential. This will help you make the correct choice and enter a sector that ticks all the boxes in terms of benefits.

What should you be thinking about?

You should, of course, choose a sector that you have a passion for and will enjoy working in. However, this is not the only thing to think about! Although it may seem a little gauche, you should also consider the salaries on offer. Although money is not everything, it is important to help you pay bills, build up your savings, socialize with friends, and afford treats such as holidays.

Getting the right qualifications will help

Before we take a look at which sectors pay best at an entry level in 2019, it is important to mention how key the right qualifications are. Associate degrees and diplomas offered by top US institutions including Bryant and Stratton College will help you get into the sectors that pay the best – Bryant and Stratton posts on Twitter are a great source for more information on what courses are available. Taking the time to look at the entry requirements for your chosen industry and then enrolling on a suitable course if needed can help you get your foot in the door.

Best entry-level sectors for 2019

Which sectors offer the best entry-level wages? Here are some of the most attractive around to know about.

Web developer

Tech as a whole is a big sector right now thanks to how central it is to business and our daily lives. Whether it is big corporations or small local businesses, all will use IT and tech within their operation to market their services, engage with customers, and sell goods online. One thing that all businesses have or need now is a professional website. This makes the career path of web developer a wise one as it will always be in demand and give good job security. What about the starting wage though? The average entry-level wage is $83,500 annually, which is pretty good.

Data analyst

This is a great career choice as not many people know about it and so the competition is not too fierce for roles! Data analysts interpret the technical data within a company in a way that is easy to digest for senior staff and more usable to make strategic decisions on. There are lots of jobs in this sector now due to the rise of business analytics and the need for data-driven business solutions. The average starting salary is $81,750, which makes it one of the best around in terms of looking after your personal finances.


If you have a passion for writing, then breaking into the copywriting world may be for you. This role would involve you working in dedicated agencies or creative departments in businesses to craft fresh content for blogs, websites or print media. As with data analysts, this is one sector that is on the up as more companies need skilled writers to create new content to publish. Entry-level copywriters earn around $58,250 on average each year. This compares well to other entry-level jobs in 2019 and is a great option for any budding writers.

Field engineer

This job is pretty much as it sounds – you spend most of your working life out in the field and use your skills to fix things that are broken. The exact sector you work in can vary depending on what you are skilled in and qualified to fix. This is a great role for anyone who likes being out of the office and moving about most of the time in the fresh air. The average starting annual salary here is $69,530, which compares well to other sectors.

Pick the right sector for you

When it comes to choosing your very first job or taking your first position in a brand-new sector, what you will be paid is key. After all, it is no good working in an industry that does not pay you enough to survive or cover your rent! Hopefully, the above list of well-paid entry-level jobs will have given you a few ideas. If you marry this up with a job that you have an interest in and one that offers good career progression, then you will be all set for a great time.