Seven of The Most Amazing Facts in Baseball

Baseball has become one of the most popular games in the country and it’s a true staple of American culture. With its history going back almost 200 years, there are some pretty amazing facts surrounding the nations favorite game.

Read on and discover the most interesting ones and learn something new about the game you already know and love.

The Biggest Stadium in The Country

Los Angeles is home to the biggest baseball stadium in the country and it’s played a big part in shaping the lives of the city’s inhabitants. The Dodgers Stadium, a classic ballpark located in the Elysian Park neighborhood, is a place where the cities’ baseball fans come to relax and watch a game while enjoying some traditional American food at the same time.

When Was The First Game of Baseball?

The first recognized game of baseball took place way back in 1846 in Hoboken, New Jersey where the New York Nine played the Knickerbockers. Since then, the sport has grown in popularity exponentially but it all started here in the 19th century.

How Much do the Players Make?

Baseball players can rake in some serious cash for playing the game, especially the talented few who really excel. The average yearly wage for major league baseball players is over $4 million dollars. Discover some additional baseball stats and learn all you’d need to know about strikeouts, sabermetrics and runs from the real experts at Imagine Sports.

What’s a Baseball Made From?

The ball is constructed from a strong inner of cork and rubber covered in either cow or horsehide. An interesting fact to note is that all baseballs, in an effort to create standardization across the game, will be wrapped in 108 double stitches in waxed red thread. A proper baseball is always handmade, taking around 13 minutes to produce.

Baseball’s Longest Game

In 1920 the Brooklyn Robins played the Boston Braves in a game that was to go down in the history books as the longest ever played. The game lasted 26 innings, an eternity in baseball, and was only called off only due to darkness. Find out more about this one, and some of baseball history’s longest games here.

How Many People Watch the Games?

Baseball is an exciting game to watch either live or on the TV, and because of this, it attracts crowds in huge numbers. Baseball has seen a slight dip in viewership in the last ten years, but despite this, still remains one of the most popular sporting pursuits in the country.

It is estimated that almost 70 million fans attended games during the baseball season of 2019, that’s a lot of hotdogs.

How Many Hotdogs are Eaten Exactly?

The hotdog is a true icon of the nation’s favorite game, so you might be wondering just how many are eaten in the name of baseball – 25,500,000 hotdogs per year. End to end that’d be enough to cover the distance from the Wrigley Field Chicago, Illinois to the Dodger Stadium in LA.