Saree Drapes to ace the Party look

Sarees can make any woman look beautiful and gorgeous. Though sarees are not much relevant to Indian women’s lives the way it was years ago, no other piece of clothing can accentuate an Indian woman’s look like a saree.

Nowadays, sarees are not just confined to traditional looks. The way you drape a saree also decides your occasion. Even a traditional saree can be given a trendy look by correct draping and choosing the perfect accessories. However, not many are aware of the draping styles that can help you look fashionable in the parties.

To help you out, some trendy saree draping styles have been mentioned here. Choose some from the best saree brands in India, get a trendy drape done, choose your accessories and ace the party look.

Sarees drapes that can look good in parties

The saree nowadays are not just confined to traditional saree looks. It has evolved a lot with types and draping patterns, giving it a modern look while keeping the tradition as well. Here are a few drapes that you can apply to your traditional saree to ace party look.

Indowestern Look

Pairing sarees with crop tops, tank tops, sneakers, boots and oxidised jewellery is the hottest trend for the Indowestrn look. Girls can look both cool and hot in this style, which is a rare but elegant combination.

Dhoti Style Draping

A saree is draped in a way that it looks like a dhoti but with a pallu on it. This saree drape has become quite popular at weddings. The saree is usually draped on leggings instead of the petticoat. You can also get pre-stitched dhoti sarees from the market.

Belted Saree

Belted sarees are raging big time just like a belted lehenga. Drape the saree in a normal way and just put a belt which secures the pallu around your waist. It gives a modern and unique look to the traditional silk or cotton saree. To give it a more traditional look, use a Kamarbandh instead of a belt.

Butterfly Style

This draping style not only makes you look slimmer but is also very stylish. Make extra thin pleats of the pallu and pin it on your shoulder.

Mumtaz Style

The layering of the saree is the secret to achieve this style. This draping style became familiar from the film Ram and Shyam. So, if you are planning to attend any retro theme party, then you cannot go wrong with this draping style.

Mermaid Style

In this draping, the lower part of the pleats is spread out, which gives it the look of the tail of a mermaid. It might seem to be difficult, but you can get this look with a few extra pleats and tucks.

The trend of a particular kind of dresses, skirts, pants, etc. will come and go but saree is evergreen. The draping style may vary with time, but the classic drape look will never be out of trend. For beginners wearing a saree can be a hassle, but once you learn saree wearing, it can become your comfort look. You can grab some sarees at affordable rates from and make heads turn with some of the draping styles mentioned above.