Roger Wolfson – Evidence of Additional Knowledge Helping Writing

We are very much living in a world where everyone thinks that they can be a writer and this has come from the world of blogging, whereby people can just jump online and start writing about whatever subject takes their fancy. Whilst on the one hand this has helped to break down many barriers which writers used to face, it has also greatly watered down the quality of the writing that is out there and it has resulted in the need for writers to be much more than just skilled scribes, they have to offer something else.

A perfect example of what a writer is able to do when they have a wide ranging knowledge base and skill set is Roger Wolfson, a man who you may not have heard of but one who has had an illustrious career spanning many environments and sectors. Even if you haven’t heard of Roger then you will certainly have heard or read some of his works.

Roger began life in New Haven, Connecticut and was inspired to write early on from his parents. Involved in the school newspaper and some small organizations at the time, Roger discovered a love for politics and later law, going on to earn a degree in each, as well as a Masters in writing.

First Foray

Roger’s first foray was into law where he worked as a legislator, there is no doubt that this experience taught him more about the world of law and also helped to shape his writing ability. This became the perfect foundation for his next step, into politics.

Roger began to work for John Kerry as a staffer and was later appointed to be his first ever official speech writer, since then Roger has gone on to work for the likes of Teddy Kennedy and John Libemann amongst others, helping to shape policy and speechwriting, the next move was inevitable.


Roger had always enjoyed entertainment and looked to get into it after politics, working as a writer on a number of hit TV shows such as Law and Order, Saving Grace and Fairly Legal, before he decided that he wanted to branch out and do his own projects. Wolfson has since provided a number of original shows to the likes of Sony and he currently has his own show about the Roman Empire which plays on Crackle, a man of many talents indeed.

From his work in politics and law to his work on screen one thing about Roger is very clear and that is the fact that he is able to turn his hand to many different industries because of the knowledge base which he had. This is something which should serve as an inspiration to so many and it is the perfect example of the fact that in order to really stand out from others, one must be a great writer on top of other knowledge.