Reasons Why the Number of Facebook Likes Does Not Indicate Marketing Success


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Receiving thousands of Facebook likes is an exciting moment for a lot of young people. They wish to broaden their reach and increase the number of people who see their posts.

It is the same thing for businesses. When posting ads via Facebook, you hope that it will gain several likes. You want people to see what you posted and show their appreciation via likes.

There is nothing wrong with striving to reach hundreds upon thousands of likes. It becomes a mistake when you equate Facebook likes with marketing success. It becomes worse when you think that the people who liked your posts will eventually become your customers.

Liking does not take too much effort 

You appreciate Facebook likes because you think that people who liked the post enjoyed your brand or the products that you offer. To a certain extent, it is true. People will not bother liking something that does not deserve it. However, you also need to understand that hitting the like button does not take a lot of effort. Anyone can hit the button if they wish to do so even if it does not mean anything to them.

It is easy to fake likes

Another problem in relying on likes to analyse your popularity is that it sends a false narrative. Some companies even purchase likes to make it look like they are popular. You might also feel tempted to do the same. Since these are inorganic likes, you cannot expect an increased conversion rate. After all, fake accounts will not purchase real products.

No one cares about likes anymore

Before, the number of likes people receive when posting something online mattered a lot. Today, no one even bothers to check likes anymore. When videos and other posts are popular, they will most likely appear in your feed; otherwise, it would be difficult for those posts to spread quickly. In short, likes no longer determine popularity.

People can unlike a post

You might feel surprised if the hundreds of likes you received decreases overnight. It is due to the ease of hitting the like button again to remove the original like. It shows that people can easily change their mind whenever they see fit. When you have already concluded that you were successful in your campaign and the numbers suddenly change the next day, it could be messy.

Expand your metrics

The point is that you cannot conclude that your efforts were successful based on the number of likes received. You need to check other indicators before concluding that you did a great job. Even when you succeeded online, it is only one platform. You also need to expand your reach in other platforms and prove that you can also succeed on those fronts.

For instance, you can launch a pop up banner marketing campaign. Include the message you want people to know about your business through this platform. You can also track if people see the ads and if they act after what they saw.

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