Rare Coin Dealers and Other Places Where You Can Sell Your Rare Coins

Whether you are an avid collector looking to free up some space in your collection or a lucky person who has stumbled across a rare coin, it is important to know where best to sell it. Selling a coin is not just about finding somewhere to get rid of it, you must invest a lot of time in first finding out the value, and then finding the right medium to sell it, where you will get the best price. Rare coins are some of the most valuable pieces which have been sold at auctions over the past 50 years and if you have a coin with real value, here is the best place to sell it.

Coin Shop

Many rare coin dealers will set up their own shops to further increase the chances of them seeing something pricey walk through the door. Now when you sell to a coin shop, it is important that you understand that you cannot expect to receive market value for the piece .The owner of the coin shop has overheads and must be able to make some money on the coin, after you have sold it to them. There are many coin shops out there and in order to find them you should simply do a quick search online.

Physical Auction

If you are confident that your piece is really worth some money, why not head to an auction house to see if they will accept your piece. Auction houses have reputations and so they will only accept something which they believe to be valuable, and likely to sell. When you take your piece to an auction house they will have their independent experts value the item before deciding whether or not they will auction it, and then at what price they will set it to. If you have an idea in mind for how much you want your piece to go for, you can set a reserve price which means that if no bids match the reserve price, the coin will not be sold.

Online Auction

There can be a great deal of value in putting your coin up for sale on eBay, and then letting the online world bud for your item. The only downside which you may have in selling it in this fashion, is that you may not get the exposure which you would like, in terms of your coin being seen by a dealer or collector. If you do plan on selling your coin on eBay, make sure that you set a reserve price, and that you put it up for the longest amount of time possible, in order to ensure that the coin is seen by as many people as possible. Equally if you are going to sell your coin on eBay, you must make sure that you offer a highly detailed description, as well as any supporting documentation which you have to support the validity of the coin.