Randy Benderson: Rowing Park Makes a Splash

If you take a look at the average developer’s real estate holdings, you’ll likely find retail outfits, office assets, and even residential properties. Many of Randy Benderson’s Benderson Development real estate holdings fall under these categories, but one of his real estate assets stand out from the crowd, as it has to do with water. Specifically, it’s a rowing park — and a one-of-a-kind rowing park at that.

The park is called the Nathan Benderson World Class Rowing Park, and it definitely lives up to its name. Here’s why. The unique Sarasota, Florida, community park spans 600 acres and is set to become the top 2,000-meter-sprint rowing course in North America. You can count on just one hand the number of United States sites featuring all of the coveted natural attributes of a world-class recreational and rowing facilities — and Nathan Benderson Park is one of these.

Nathan Benderson Park, which allows the public to access a stunning 400-acre lake, started hosting regatta competitions back in 2009. The loop that surrounds the park is around 3.5 miles long and is frequently used for local 5k races. Many people from the community have used the park to challenge their stamina with walks, jogs, or rids on the park’s manicured trails. They have also taken advantage of opportunities to paddleboard, kayak and rowboat.

The high-quality appeal of Nathan Benderson Park doesn’t come as a surprise to those who know Randy Benderson’s — and thus Benderson Development’s — MO. Benderson Development takes pride in offering the best of the best whether it’s a rowing park, a hotel, an industrial/office space, or a retail property for a tenant. The company has earned industry-wide recognition for its excellence in construction, leasing, and management, and it is expected to keep engineering impressive growth long term through its unrivaled determination, innovation, and insight.