Personal Branding Tips to Build a Blog Following

In today’s modern age, anyone can start a blog about any topic. The problem, however, is in maintaining an audience for that blog. If you want to create a brand based around your personal blog, you’re going to want to engage in something called “personal branding.” All that means is building a brand around yourself as a person. These tips will make your personal branding journey simple and easy.

Decide on Your Blog’s Angle

Especially if you’re just an individual blogging, you don’t want to have an extremely overarching theme for your blog. Instead, consider a more targeted theme that reduces your blog’s direction, one that makes sense based on your knowledge, passions, and life.

For example, if you’re a dedicated fan of comics, you might want to make a blog about dissecting your favorite comics. If you like movies, you might want to start a movie review blog. If you’re a homemaker, you might want to make a blog about home life. This will create a solid basis for your blogging persona.

Carve Out Time to Blog

Blogging may seem easy, but it requires time and effort like anything else. Even if you’re just blogging about the movie you saw last weekend, you still need to sit down, plan out the blog, and dedicate time to writing it.

Set a realistic goal of how frequently you’re going to post and set aside time to write based on that goal. For example, you may decide you want to post every week. In that case, consider setting aside 10-15 minutes every evening to work on your next blog post. After all, you can always write more if you want.

Keep a List of Topic Concepts

One thing that you’re going to need lots of is ideas. Before you even start blogging, you’re going to want to write down a list of topics that you can think of right off the top of your head. This is a great way to make sure that your blog theme will work well in the long run; if you can’t even think of a dozen topics to start with, you’ll probably have a hard time in the future too.

A good way to maintain this list is to keep a note on your phone. That way, whenever an idea comes to you, you can immediately jot it down and keep it for later. Write down all your ideas, even bad ones: you never know when a bad idea may give you the idea for a good one.

Build a Social Presence, Not Just a Single Blog

Just posting updates to your blog every week probably isn’t going to build your internet presence. If you want to build a personal brand, you’re going to need to expand. Create social media accounts for your blog on the biggest networking sites, like Facebook and Twitter.

You’ll also want to network with other blogs. Reach out to other blogs with a similar theme to yours, especially smaller blogs that are also just starting out. You may be able to write guest blogs for each other’s blogs that can maximize your reach.

Always Maintain Focus on Online Security

If you do build a personal brand that’s interesting enough to induce people to follow you, it may very well turn into a career or at least a profitable hobby. To keep your blogging brand safe, it’s important that you keep an eye on your personal security as well.

To do this most effectively, consider an online background check like PeopleFinders. You can use these tools in many different ways, including to keep an eye on your own information. Perform a background check on yourself, then keep an eye on that check to make sure nothing significant changes.


Though it may seem like an impossible goal to become a blog with millions of followers, every huge blog started with absolutely no followers. You just need to build your personal blogging brand to get there. Most importantly, make sure you establish a strong brand with a clear focus and keep an eye on your personal and brand-related safety.