Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch – Practical Steps for Building and Sustaining Business Success

The book stories are filled with self-help and biographies about how to become successful in business. These books are written mostly by successful business leaders or those who have made careers of advising successful business leaders.

There are also very successful business leaders like Miami based Patrick Dwyer Merrill Lynch executive, you can study to discover what their secrets are. Those who reach the top of the field have a specific approach towards creating and sustaining success over long periods of time.

If you were to examine each of the most effective of these books and the most effective business leaders, you would find lots of the same great advice. This is because no matter the business that you’re in, there are fundamental approaches that you should take for success. Let’s examine some of the practical steps that an executive like Patrick Dwyer would offer for you to create success in your business.

Learn Leadership Skills

Being a leader demands that you learn or adopt several really important qualities. Collectively they position you too continually recognize, confront, and make the best of opportunities and challenges. A few of the really important leadership skills are:


Business today moves at lightning speeds and those who cannot keep up are consistently threatened with being pushed aside by those who can. Companies need to be able to assess opportunities and discern conditions in the marketplace on the fly. They also need to be able to take this information and then quickly and skillfully create and execute a plan of attack. With this being the case in today’s market places it almost seems counterintuitive to discuss patience as a core leadership quality. However the need for patience in today’s business world has never been greater. Many companies today fail because they do not have their feet set or are not Fully prepared to move powerfully toward an opportunity or to confront a challenge.  Leadership means being able to communicate to your team that they must move at a speed that allows for accurately assessing the many factors that give the total understanding of a situation. This slowing down while moving quickly pays off, and the best company leaders employ this strategy and their businesses.


No matter how successful you have been, how smart or skill you and your team are, know how great the odds are in your favor, you will fail at times. If you examine the list of the most successful entrepreneurs, you will find that the vast majority have long lists of failures. What they each year is resiliency that allows them to fail and then bounce back and continue to move forward. Resiliency is often the determining factor for success. It can be difficult when you planned everything perfectly, the market conditions are right for your product or service, all indications are that successful occur, but factors beyond your control deny your success. However the seeds for your success are in your failures and therefore your resiliency allows you to reach your success.

The Right Attitude

When you operate a business, those you interact with including your employees, your customers, and your vendors, look to you for guidance and a positive attitude. Every successful business has its ups and downs and times that are great and others that are not so great. The leader must maintain a positive and uplifting attitude throughout each of these times. Yes, you can have your moments when you are down and depressed, but they should be short-lived followed by exuberance and you telling everyone important to your business that things will work out fine. This quality serves every successful business leader well.

Business success can be achieved and sustained if you focus on those things that call success over time.