Pastimes You Should Certainly Consider

Some weekends can begin to feel like Groundhog Day: drive to the grocery store, pack up the car, drive back, unpack the car, take the kids out. Every now and then it’s nice to spice up your weekends with something new, and maybe even a little sophisticated. Fancy weekends aren’t just for the occasional shakeup, though. They can be a great reward for a promotion, an anniversary getaway or even a bachelorette party.

Afternoon tea

England has certainly brought over some sophisticated traditions, and afternoon tea is one such activity. Taking family or your loved one out for a selection of fine teas and cakes will make you want to reach for the white gloves. Finger sandwiches and miniature cakes served with a loose leaf tea make for a surprisingly filling afternoon meal, so be sure to leave some room after lunch. Afternoon tea can be found at luxury hotels or establishments that specialize in fine teas.

Wine tasting

If your household prefers to end a tough week with a glass of red, then a wine tasting makes for the perfect staycation or weekend getaway. Tying the tickets around a wine bottle for when they get home for a week leaves the perfect surprise to come home to. Going to a wine tasting doesn’t necessarily mean you’re looking to become a connoisseur of what’s on the grocery store shelves. It can just be a way to build your confidence in what you’re looking for when it comes to picking out a bottle of red or white. It also makes for a relaxing and humorous evening with your other half – remember to spit out the taste tests though!


Golf is a renowned sport across the world and is regarded as a highly social sport that can be thoroughly enjoyable. Even if you just go to a driving range for a few hours, it’s a great way to talk, unwind and have a laugh with your loved ones in the countryside – particularly if your swing could do with some work. Be sure to check out the latest equipment such as super game improvement irons so you can play in comfort and style. If this activity is to reward a golf fanatic in your life, then there’s always the chance to dine at public golf courses, which is helpful if you don’t have a membership to a particular club.

Dance class

Dance classes aren’t just an intimate and fun way to bring friends and loved ones together, but they’re certainly more sophisticated than throwing some shapes after a few cocktails on a Friday night. Poise and practice are also beneficial if you have a wedding coming up, or if you’re looking to improve your balance. Something like ballroom dancing is a particularly fancy way of improving your posture; as well as the fundamentals of exercise; it’s also a great way of meeting new people and socializing.

Having a sophisticated weekend isn’t just about fantasizing about being in a different pay bracket or splurging on expensive products, it’s about treating yourself. Any weekend away with your partner or weekend vacation with your family can be turned sophisticated by just adding in one thing you wouldn’t normally treat yourselves to.

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