Online Entrepreneur Nimrod Santo on Which Trends He’s Watching in 2021

Trends are new developments which are capable of becoming the new normal. In the business world, they are capable of drawing in more customers. Businesses that incorporate these trends within their business models first will certainly get more benefits than those who do so at a later time.

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic which took the world by surprise last year, many new business trends were established, and even as the world is being set back to rights, those trends are still as popular and effective as ever. In a few years, they will become the new norm, and taking advantage of them now will give you an edge over other businesses.

Online Enrepreneur Nimrod Santo is sharing some of the trends he’s watching this year:

Remote Work

This is high on the list of trends that are expected to stay. Since the pandemic was easily spread through close contact, a lot of businesses started operating from home including factories that need workers around every time. Many businesses that could not successfully move to an online space had to close down because their operations were placed on hold indefinitely.

One great thing about it is that the companies that were successfully able to adopt the system were able to confirm that it did not hamper productivity in any way. If anything, it improved it since employees had the chance to work in an environment they feel very comfortable with.


Since many people could not visit stores to get the things they needed last year, buying things from online stores gained more popularity. It’s easy and delivery is usually fast depending on how good the e-commerce company is.

In fact, e-commerce platforms like Amazon and eBay recorded a high increase in cash inflow last year. The surge across all platforms between the first quarter of 2020 and the second was around 31%.

Since this trend is based on catering for the needs of many consumers, it’s expected to last for a long time. So, if you have a business where you sell goods to people, it’ll be more profitable to open an online store to improve sales.


Let’s be real here. There’s no way you’re going to leave the door of your office unlocked and go home. The same is true for your online stores. Not securing your data is tantamount to leaving your door unlocked and begging for looters to come rob you.

Having a data breach can be detrimental to your business. If you’re hacked, you can lose millions of dollars in seconds.

So, you have to prevent that. Getting people who can help you take the preventive steps to avoid getting hacked is becoming one of the best business trends of 2021.


2020 was by far one of the toughest years for businesses all over the world, especially startups. However, with the great difficulties in 2020 came the ability to quickly adapt.

Despite everything, small businesses have survived through versatility and the ability to bring to their customers what they want. This trend doesn’t look like something that will stop anytime soon.

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