MLB’s Fastest Pitch Record Keeps Getting Broken

The 2018 Major League Baseball season is one of the most exciting ones we’ve had so far. Philadelphia Phillies had their revenge against the New York Mets this week, winning their last five out of six games and showing dominance. On the other hand, the Chicago White Sox defeated The Cubs and stopped The Cubs’ winning streak dead in its track.

The fastballs are just as interesting to follow. If you take a look at the fastest pitches from this season, 19 out of 20 of the top pitches happened this month. The season is really heating up and the fastest pitch record keeps getting broken.

Two Top Pitchers

There are two top pitches competing for this season’s fastest pitch record. Jordan Hicks is the first pitcher in the equation. He first made headlines when he threw a 101.6 mph pitch early in April. He is already known as the hardest thrower in baseball, but this incredible fastball was still a surprise to many.

Hicks was a third-round pick and is still considered a rookie at 21. He has a whole future ahead of him and experts are already saying how much further he can go in Major League Baseball. Of course, Hicks’ hard-throwing reputation has some challengers. On the other side of the equation, we have Arnoldis Chapman.

Chapman clocked a 103.3 mph four-seam FB against Jackie Bradley Jr. in the Red Sox vs. Yankee game. The pitch went straight for Bradley’s arm; it was an incredible fastball indeed.

A Race to the Top

Chapman’s 103.3 mph fastball topped his own record of 102.6 mph. Hicks is following closely with a 102.4 mph sinker just a week before. The two pitchers are racing to the top with one fastball after another and the fans are enjoying the competition.

Of course, the record is still a bit short from last season’s throw by Chapman. He hit 104.2 mph as the season was at its hottest. It was a throw against Dustin Pedroia, but it ended with a foul. It will be interesting to see if Chapman can break his personal best this season.

Hicks, on the other hand, is highly motivated. As the hard-thrower of the two, Hicks has a lot to prove. Many baseball fans actually go as far as picking up radar guns recommended by The Planet Of Baseball to catch the magical moment themselves.

Dominating the Field

Hicks and Chapman are dominating the fastball landscape this season. The closest competitor to these two pitchers is Tayron Guerrero, who banked a 101.8 mph pitch in late April. If you look at the average pitch velocity, Hicks is also leading the pack with 99.3 mph, while Chapman is trailing slightly with 98.8 mph.

These are incredible speeds. Being on the receiving end of a 100+ mph pitch is like being shot with a cannon; you can’t see the ball before it’s too late. With experts expecting the record to continue to tumble, expect some more exciting moments as we go deeper into the 2018 MLB season.