Matrimonial Websites: A New View Towards Marriages In India


Marriages in India are quite a big deal because 90% of the parents prefer to initiate arranged marriages. The western culture of finding life partners by themselves is not a trend here. In India, the cultural value, the status, community, and family background and more such things are what matter.

Apart from the primitive method of finding brides and grooms from relatives and friends, the modern arrange marriages are conducted through newspapers. Every day, the newspapers come with names and bio-data of several interested people looking for the right match. However, there are certain limitations to this process you can check these on

Matrimonial websites have changed the concept of marriage. These websites come with a goal to use digitalization and internet to make the most beautiful marriages of all times. The process is quite simple. Interested people need to register and then create a profile that consists of bio-data of the person and every other thing that they think someone can be interested in knowing. You can even give your own preferences; mean you can give details on what kind of person as bride or groom you prefer.

These websites are gaining a huge popularity these days, because of the amazing services they are providing. Even if you were confused about your choice, a relationship manager can help you out in this regard. Isn’t that great?

Newspapers Vs matrimonial websites:

Though newspapers are the most common methods of searching for life partner, the process has certain limitations. Here are few points why matrimonial sites are better than a newspaper:

  • The process through the newspaper is quite slow, as you have to wait and follow it every day. Next, you cannot do a direct chat with the person. You have to call their family for further steps, whereas through matrimonial sites you can directly chat with the person of your choice.
  • Rather than newspapers, these websites are much more convenient and friendly.
  • You will have to keep on following the newspapers every day but if you download a matrimony app, they will keep on sending you notifications of people that match your criteria.
  • In most of the newspaper ads, you will not see pictures of interested brides and grooms, but on the websites, most of them upload their pictures. This is again a plus point.
  • Newspapers do charge an amount for advertisement, but nowadays, most of the matrimonial websites are free to register.

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