Jay Eitner Facebook – Best Science Centers in the US

One of the best ways in which to give your child inspiration and the motivation to learn about science, is to take them to a science centre where they can get hands on experience of all of the different aspects of the scientific world. Boys and girls around the country are struggling with their passion for the sciences and it is for this reason that the federal government are pumping a lot of money into changing that. Here in my local area of New Jersey, we have been inspired by the likes of Jay Eitner, a NJ resident who, in his role as superintendent for schools in the area, has worked tirelessly in science education. Jay Eitner Facebook page regularly talks about the importance of science centres and here are some of the best around the country which you could take your kids to.  

Liberty Science Centre, New Jersey

I’ll start with that which is closest to home, the fascinating New Jersey Liberty Science Centre. This wonderful museum is aimed at kids of all ages, and focusses on all aspects of science. What I love most about Liberty is that there is a perfect mixture of theory and practice which means that the kids can play and learn at the same time. The main attraction of the museum is the area which focusses on physics and encourages the movement of kids through activities, in order to teach them better about the scientific properties behind them.

Exploratorium, San Francisco

I took the kids to California last year and this was one of their most favourite places that we visited. The centre is based on Pier 15 on Fisherman’s Wharf, and inside the centre you can find over 600 exhibits that focus on all areas of the science world. Kids older than 12 may not find too much value in this centre but if your kids are below that age they will love the crazy activities which you will find here. Whether it is making enormous bubbles which can envelop a human, ‘flying’ through an antigravity mirror or using dry ice to simulate a comet, excitement is most definitely on the main menu here at the Exploratorium.

Museum of Science, Boston

Another wonderful museum which the kids loved was the Science Museum in Boston, with over 700 exhibits, there is plenty to do and much to learn. The main attraction here is the butterfly garden where you can discover about these majestic creatures, you will also be able to witness an incredible light show teaching physics, watch baby chicks hatch and study the earth below us in the geology field station. The balance between practice and theory in this museum is perfect and kids can have fun and learn at the same time. The price of the museum is very reasonable, costing just $20 per child, given that you could spend days in the museum, I’d say that is good value for money.