Investar USA – Why You Should Try Your Hand At Gardening

Have you ever thought about gardening? I’ll be up front and honest with you and say that I never had even considered it in the past and I would be something of a fraud if I were to announce to you on here that I was always a member of the green finger society, I certainly was not. And yet a couple of years ago a good friend of mine who works for lender Investar USA, started to show me a thing or two that I could try and implement in the garden and what would you know, I absolutely loved it. There is so much to enjoy about gardening that I want to start a renaissance here in the Alberta, Canada, and here is why.


Gardening is without question one of the most relaxing things in my life and it gives me such a great opportunity to switch the world off for a while and focus on something that is immeasurably calming. I have enjoyed this aspect of gardening so much that now if I have a bad r stressful day at work, I cannot wait to get home and get out in the garden, to forget about the day and de-stress. As you are working out in the open air, without anyone else around, it is the perfect way to just get that little bit of time for yourself.


There is a real achievement in gardening and you can see this in many different ways. For example you may have the instant achievement of building a wall, path or shed, and then there is the long awaited achievement, the day that the plants which you seeded some months ago begin to flower, or the day that your perennial plants come back. For me I need rewards in order to do something and the garden does that for me time and time again.


Another great benefit which I have enjoyed since I started the garden is eating the food which I have grown there. Eating something which you have planted and cared for yourself is a truly wonderful experience and it is something which I would recommend to anyone. Currently I have some lettuce, some cucumber and tomatoes growing in the garden, and I have big plans for more vegetables and fruits. Even if you don’t have a large garden you can still set up a little herb patch which no doubt encourage you to do more in the garden. For me there is just so much joy in preparing a meal in the kitchen and then popping out to grab some rosemary and some tomatoes from the garden, and every time it happens I have a little smile on my face, knowing that I was responsible for that.

If you are looking for a new hobby, time to get the gloves on and head out to the garden.