How to Turn Your Art and Craft Skills into a Business

The ability to create art is not evenly spread, which is why we call it a gift when someone is born with the ability to do so. Thanks to the connected world in which we live in today, the phrase “struggling artist” doesn’t necessarily have to describe your career as an artist! If you have excellent art and craft skills, we have a list of business ideas so you to make the most of them.

Start Teaching Art Online

Traditional art tuitions have been a source of income for artists throughout the centuries, if not millenniums. However, you do not have to limit your earning potentials by only teaching a few offline students. There are so many people out there that want to learn the basics, and you can be their teacher by simply using Skype and a webcam.

You can teach people privately or in batches, depending on the kind of students you have and the kind of fee that they are willing to pay for the classes. You might even be surprised to find that adults often want to learn how to sketch or color but do not seek out tutors due to the fear of being judged.

Launch Your Own Handmade Jewelry Business

Amazon doesn’t have to be the enemy if you can use it to good effect by opening an online jewelry store on the site, for example. Source your jewelry supplies from Alexcraft, and use your artistic gift to turn the beads, chains and stones into unique pieces of handmade jewelry, which has on excellent online market in the United States and Europe in particular.

If you want to go ahead and launch your own retail website selling your crafts, using Amazon will give your business more identity, but the initial investments in site setup, maintenance and marketing will be quite significant.

Start a Freelance Company for Supplying Commercial Art

Commercial artists create anything from advertising and promotional content to digital illustrations for video games. You can make use of this market if you have the skills and interest to do any of these things. And, even if you don’t, you can learn to put your innate skills and years of experience in traditional art to work, by taking a short course in commercial art.

Employ a few of your fellow artists or look for appropriate candidates online to build a decent workforce. The magic of being a skilled professionals in any field is that it doesn’t take too much to start earning from a business when you are capable of offering something that most people can’t.

It is true that art is not just about money, but money is extremely important in being able to sustain art nonetheless. When you are able to setup a business of your own successfully, you will also be able to further pursue your personal goals as an artist later on. Just don’t lose sight of those goals in the long run.