How To Relax This Fall

It is with regret that we move from summer into the fall. The days grow shorter and the weather grows a little less sunny and cloudless each day. Sometimes the fall is a season of stress and anxiety, as people return to college or university, or get bogged down under their workload. It’s in that understanding that this article hopes to bring some relaxing light into your fall 2018. Below are listed four key areas in which you’ll be able to find relaxation as the long nights draw in and a nip arrives in the air.


Don’t knock it until you’ve tried it – far from the hippy’s hangout that it was once perceived as, meditation is now an incredibly mainstream way of unwinding. It’s popular in the East and the West, with doctors, spiritual healers, and gurus all agree that there’s something wonderful in meditation. It’s also a very simple way to relax, and in that sense, it’s very worth trying if you’re hoping to rid yourself of stress or anxiety. There’s no other way to reach a state of peacefulness without any help other than your own mindfulness and meditative ease.


Another way to relax is through indulgences. Everybody knows that joyful and easy feeling that comes from slipping into a steaming hot bubble bath. It’s instant relaxation. Likewise, taking an indulgent puff on an e-cigarette, with a wonderfully flavored juice from the brands available at, is a great way to beat those fall blues. Let yourself off the hook and give yourself a relaxing break by treating yourself a little. Life is for living, and denying yourself all indulgent pleasures is a sure way to increase stress and anxiety. Conversely, there’s nothing like a small indulgent to push away the stress and anxiety from our lives.


Fall does bring a remarkable change in our natural surroundings. The leaves lose their vibrant green and settle into new shades and hues of red, brown and yellow. The trees become bare and the flower begin to wilt. It’s a remarkable – and very beautiful – change in circumstances, and it’s one to be enjoyed. Heading out for strolling in nature is a wonderful way of unwinding. It teaches you patience and mindfulness by appreciating the moment you’re in and the beauty that’s manifest around you. Whether alone or with friends or family, a walk in nature is a great way of uncoiling your inner spring.

Quality Time

The final piece of advice this fall is to increase the quantity of time you spend with family and friends. It’s not surprising that socializing is seen as one of life’s key ingredients for better mental health, happiness, and fulfillment. We are social creatures after all. It’s also incredibly relaxing to spend time with people you love and trust, building unbreakable bonds that will serve you well as you navigate through life’s ups and downs. Quality time should always be prioritized above all else, and in this way, you’ll experience greater happiness in your life.

Relaxing this fall is just a case of evaluating some of life’s great pleasures and acting on them so that you’re able to live a happier, more fulfilled and less stressed existence.