How to Impress Your Colleagues at Work When Presenting Your ideas in a Meeting

It’s not easy for you to present your ideas in front of an audience. It’s even worse if you have to do it at work. You may have spent a lot of time preparing what you want to say. Even if you already did everything, things might still not go as you hoped. Despite that, you have to do your best and try to impress the people in the room.

They won’t listen to you

Your colleagues might not listen to you. You understand that a lot of them hate the idea of being in a meeting room. It isn’t everyone’s ‘cup of tea’.

It’s not necessarily something they have against you, but to some people, meetings and team talks can seem interminably boring and a complete waste of time. If you’re a new employee, some senior members might also not want listen to what you have to say. Arrogance on their behalf probably have them thinking that you will not have anything valuable to say or add to a group discussion.

They’re competing against you 

Competition at work can sometimes be unhealthy. You try your best to come up with an impressive presentation, but there’s always one or two colleagues who might want to pull you down. Some of them could be gunning for a higher position, and they see you as a threat to their aspirations and ambitions. Therefore, even if you have a lot of good things to say, they will probably still find something in which to pick holes.

The questions might be too tough 

Once your presentation is over, you can open the floor up for discussion. You have to prepare yourself to receive questions from colleagues. Some of them might throw difficult questions at you. Regardless of their motivation for asking these difficult questions, you need to prepare yourself. You don’t want to sound like you didn’t know the details of your business ideas. You can refer to the slides that you used for the presentation if you don’t know what to say.

You did use slides, didn’t you?

Do your best to prepare for the presentation

You can’t control what your fellow employees think about you. You also don’t know the types of questions they will present. However, you can control your presentation. Apart from your colleagues, you also have to try to impress your manager or the boss. You don’t want to appear nervous or disturbed because of the situation. You can be honest if you don’t know how to respond, but you also have to show that you’re willing to research and do more.

On the day of your presentation, you should arrive early so that the meeting venue can be suitably prepped. Make sure that all your equipment is working correctly. If you’re going to use a sound system, you have to check the sound quality. You’ll also need to check the computers and projectors are in a good working condition. A good idea is to have a video wall mount on which you can place a projector for showing slides.

Images or documents on slides can help move your presentation forward. Images can paint a thousand words, words which you may be able to articulate well. Having facts and data on slides means you will not have to remember facts and figures or refer to notes when they ill all be displayed on a screen on the wall.

It’s understandable if you’re feeling nervous right now. However, don’t allow your nerves to prevent you from doing your best during the presentation.