How to Help Native American Reservations

The USA is almost 250 years old since independence and a lot has happened since then concerning growth, democracy, and global influence. Before Columbus found this part of the world, the Native Americans were dwelling freely throughout the land, but everything changed with colonization.

To date, the Native Americans are yet to enjoy the fruits of independence in totality due to the diverse disparities they go through daily. Their culture has suffered change and most of them still live in poverty that hinders their access to important services. Despite that, they have their unique reservations, which you can support and improve in different ways:

Through online gambling

One of the main ways to contribute to Native American reservations is gambling on tribal casinos, as part of the money raised by them goes towards welfare activities for indigenous peoples. Among all the US gambling markets, Michigan online gambling leads the way in contributing to the Native American reservations.

This shows that the online gambling industry is not there just to make profits. Many people have turned into millionaires by gambling in real money casinos, live dealer games, poker, and sports betting. More tribal casino revenue means a greater contribution for Native Americans.

Supporting Native American businesses

The main purpose Native Americans start businesses is for making more money for the family, living one day at a time. They have some of the best items you can buy, such as crafts, apparel, electronics, and different technologies.

It will pay off if you visit one of the Native American-owned stores and make your purchases there. You may also visit online and order some items to be delivered to your doorstep. You will get anything from groceries to traditional crafts, cutlery, etc.

Reading indigenous people’s literature

There are specific libraries rich in books that promote Indian reservations history. Also, many Native American authors have written modern-day literature, including best-sellers. Take the time to search these authors and their literature and buy their books as a way of promoting the community.

Giving donations

Every day, there are Native Americans who need your support. It could be a child who needs access to education or a family who needs better housing. The needs are unlimited, and even though you cannot support all, you can at least support one.

Your donations as an individual may not make a big impact, but if you donate through various charities that help native communities, it will make a big difference. There are organizations dedicated to educating the natives, supporting women, climate change, etc. Choose one or more and send your help through them.

Exploring native culture

Every year, native communities involve themselves in various indigenous promotion programs. Some of the events include cultural weeks, museum exhibitions, dance, food, and music festivals. Take your time to explore indigenous culture, taste local food, dance, and participate in exhibitions.