How To Bet On Snooker

Despite snooker being wrongly disregarded by a lot of punters, bookmakers provide more markets on it than many might think. There’s a lot of interest in snooker and it’s not a massive surprise considering how big a sport it is in the UK. The option to have a bet on all of the biggest snooker tournaments has been made available by the bookies and it’s worth working out how best to bet on it as you’re only likely to benefit.

It would be wrong to imply that snooker betting markets are anywhere near as extensive as with mainstream sports like football, but bookmakers have covered all possible outcomes that fans of the sport might be tempted to get behind. This goes beyond merely betting on the winner of a chosen match and extends to any and all possibilities from even the most hotly contested snooker competitions.

Snooker betting markets

As with most sports you’re able to bet on, the traditional market is merely based on backing either player to win or going for a draw if the option is available. In circumstances where one snooker player is significantly more likely to win than the other, the odds will be massively small if you’re backing them to win. This is why a lot of people will tend to get behind different markets which are more specific to exactly how they’ll win or by what margin. Variables like this make it more complicated to bet on the sport, leading to websites like TeamFA producing their own snooker betting tips in the form of insightful previews.

If you don’t like the look of the odds on either player to win the match, you can back a handicap, where the chosen player needs to win by a specific number of frames, or you could even go as far as predicting the final score. While this will be riskier than merely betting on the winner of that chosen match, it will offer far stronger odds and it’s a more interesting way of betting on a worthwhile snooker match.

Other options when it comes to betting on snooker provide the opportunity to bet on even more specific outcomes. This includes choosing a player to make the highest break, the number of red balls potted in chosen frames, and more of what’s best referred to as being statistics markets. These stats are available for betting on most sports and offer more flexibility over what you’re betting on than ever before, with it being a way of livening up even the dullest snooker frames.