How Can A Virtual Receptionist Help My Business?

With so many new businesses out there now, there are many looking for support from the beginning before they even expand and start hiring staff. Yes, even the self-employed builder might use a phone service of some sort to answer calls and take messages for him. While these have made a difference and helped some businesses, be truthful – how many times have you hung up the phone when you have heard an automated response, or a robot voice start telling you to press an endless number of buttons so that your query can be dealt with in the right way? I know for myself, I lost count of this figure a long time ago. The truth is, to feel like we have been taken seriously, we want to feel like we’ve actually been listened to. We want to hear a human being on the other end of the phone and have been reassured that what we need or are enquiring over is being dealt with. This is where the virtual receptionist has the advantage.

The virtual receptionist experience

A virtual receptionist is a real life, actual human being! You don’t need to worry about giving them an office space, finding them a desk, etc. They will work remotely but will be there to answer your phone line. They can act very much like an in-house receptionist, but it is a much cheaper option. It is up to you just how much you want them to do but they can answer and transfer your incoming calls, they can make outgoing calls on your behalf, they can answer any question that you have prepared them for or authorised them to answer for you, they can take message for you. If they have access to your diary, they can even schedule your appointments for you.

Other benefits to this mean that your receptionist is never off on holiday, leaving you looking for cover. There will always be someone available to answer the call. It also means all of your calls will be answered, no phones ringing out while your receptionist deals with that customer that will not get off the line.


Having a virtual receptionist for your company can give it the professional first contact you want any potential clients to experience. It frees you and your office space up for other things. It gives you constant coverage of the phone lines, no covering holidays or lunch breaks, or for the person who ‘got stuck in traffic.’ And, on top of all that, it is cheaper than hiring your own receptionist to have in-house. As you can see, with so many benefits, why not consider a virtual receptionist for your business today?