Household Chores that Double as Workout Techniques


Not everyone has enough time to go to the gym and workout. If you are too busy with household chores and you have no time to hit the gym, you can use the time doing the tasks as an opportunity to work out. Some chores could also provide the same benefits as going to the gym.

Using a rag on the floor

You can wipe the floor with a rag or cloth instead of a mop. In doing so, you can perform sliding lunges. Simply get a cloth and put your right foot on top of it, then bend your left knee while sliding your right leg to the side, hold the pose while stretching your right leg out as far as possible.


When you dust surfaces located in high areas, you need to use the ladder. You are exercising your legs in the process. Reaching your hand out to these high areas will also serve as an exercise technique that strengthens your arm muscles.

Moving things around

You do not need to do weights when you can lift heavy objects from one place to another. You can move furniture to redecorate your living room. You can also take old items to the storage room. Depending on the weight of the objects you are carrying, the task could be a strenuous workout.

Cleaning the garage

The garage can be messy with the grease and other items you use to repair things. Tidying it up could take a long time. If you spend a day to finish cleaning the mess, it could be a robust workout technique for you. If this does not work for you given time constraints, you can opt for garage cleanout services. You can ask experts to come and clean the place. It will not take much time to finish the job.


While you are doing any of these tasks, you can also try to dance. Look for chores that allow you to dance your heart out so that you can also exercise. Use music that will make you dance along. Apart from working out, it is also beneficial since you stop loathing the chores.

Take some things upstairs

Using the stairs several times could strengthen your leg muscles. It is also an excellent cardio exercise. Moving up and down the stairs several times while carrying some items is a proper workout technique.

Enjoy the chores

People hate doing household chores as they are time-consuming and tiring. You need to do the tasks anyway, so you might as well enjoy the process. You can look for chores that are quite tough so that even if you do not have enough time to hit the gym, you will still feel like you already worked out. In the gym, you are building your body, but you are not doing anything useful. At home, not only can you work out, but you can also clean up the mess. Regularly do these chores and have fun.

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