Gorilla Tracking in Uganda – A Must See and Do Experience

If one of your primary goals on your upcoming trip to Africa is to have the rare, once in a lifetime opportunity to the safari in Uganda to spot endangered African animals in their natural habitat, do yourself a huge favor and make sure to book a plane flight to Uganda, in order to book a memorable mountain gorilla tracking experience.

Gorilla Tracking in Uganda – A must see and do experience

  1. What can you expect if you embark on a gorilla tracking experience

If you choose to book a gorilla tracking experience you’ll be met at a national park by a qualified, professional guide, whose job it will be to lead your group through dense, jungle terrain, in order to track down wild mountain gorillas.

Of course, your guide will also ensure that your group doesn’t get too close to the mountain gorillas which you’ll track. So that the gorillas which you’ll observe won’t become threatened by the presence of your group or mistake your group for enemies.

  1. During your jungle trek, your guide will be able to share their wealth of knowledge with you

If your knowledge of gorillas is somewhat limited, there’s no need to worry as throughout your trek through lush jungle terrain, your guide will teach you about the habits of mountain gorillas as well as Uganda’s efforts to protect endangered gorillas, so that future generation of Ugandans and visitors will have a chance to see gorillas in their natural habitat.

If you have questions about gorillas which you’d like answered, such as why gorillas choose to live high up on mountains and why gorillas make different facial expressions, your guide will be more than happy to answer your questions for you.

  1. Make sure to arrive at your tour with all the right gear

In order to ensure that you enjoy your adventure packed day, make sure to turn up to your meeting destination wearing sturdy hiking boots, suitable breathable clothing, a lightweight jacket and a daypack. The latter of which you can use to hold your water bottle as well as your jacket and any snacks which you may choose to pack.

  1. You’ll have the option of booking a one-day gorilla tracking excursion or a multiple day gorilla tracking experience

If you want to spend more time observing Uganda’s beautiful, mountain gorillas you may want to consider booking a multiple day tour, which will give you several days to observe mountain gorillas and to explore Uganda’s awe-inspiring jungle. Some tours will even give you the opportunity to visit gorilla sanctuaries, where you’ll be able to view gorillas which are being rehabilitated or have been recovered from poachers.

  1. You’ll return home from Uganda with the best possible souvenirs to share with your friends and family members back home

There is no better souvenir to take home from a trip to Uganda then a camera full of close up photos of wild mountain gorillas. Just be sure to pack a camera which offers a high-quality zoom.

So if you’re planning to visit Uganda, it would be a shame not to book a gorilla tracking tour!