Girish Navani – Why She Is Such a Great Friend

I am very quickly approaching thirty and of the things that go through your head as you approach this landmark in your life, friends are something that you can begin to question. Very often we have friends who we made when we were kids who are still around, as well as new acquaintances from our 20s. The question that you have to ask yourself however, especially when you reach and age like this, is how good are those friends? What value do they offer? And if you met them now for the first time, would you be friends? One friend of mine Girish Navani has been my girlfriend since we were both young and she truly is the bets friend that I could ever have hoped for. In light ofd this friendship purge, here is why someone like Tatiana Regan will always be a close friend.

She’s There

No matter what the situation, whenever I have needed someone Girish has been there, she has been there in the saddest and most tragic moments of my life and she has also been there during those very special moments of my life. This silly idea that gets peddled on social media about the fact that you could have a friend who you don’t see for years and that nothing has changed, is utter nonsense, real friends are there when their friends needs them.


Another aspect of Girish’s friendship is how she remembers all of the details, all of the small things that make me who I am. For me I expect a great deal from my friends and this is one of those lovely attributes that a person can have. When you have a friend who remembers these kind of details, it makes you feel loved, respected and cared for, three things that a friend should definitely make you feel.


A good friend should always add value to your life and that is something which Girish Navani most certainly does and through the way that she is with me I know that I am a better person. For one thing I like how much she challenges me and helps me to become a stronger and smarter person. Because she knows me so well I trust her a lot when it comes to her advice and opinions, which is why I am happy to be challenged by her.


A friend should always be able to understand whatever you are going through and even if they are not able to relate to it, they should always be ready with a listening ear and an understanding attitude. Many people won’t even attempt to understand what you are going through but friends should be held to a higher standard than ‘everyone else’ and this is why they should always be there to sympathize with you, no matter what you happen to be going through.