Gambling Expressions Every Player Should Know

Every field has its unique expressions or phrases used for communication. People who have been in that field easily understand the phrases. To a newcomer, the phrases might sound foreign and the person might need an interpreter.

The gambling field has its unique phrases used on the tables or slots. The phrases have developed over many years of gambling history. They are many, but we have prepared some of the most commonly used.


While on the table placing bets for online gambling real money, you may hear the phrase “act”. It means you place a bet or take action and bet.

Ace in the hole

The phrase is common in poker games. Ace is a card that gives the holder added benefits. If you hear the phrase “he has an ace in the hole”, it means he holds an advantageous opportunity over the other players, which he can grasp and win big.

Die is cast

This is an expression that passes over the message about an irreversible decision that has already been settled or agreed upon.

Aggregate limit

In any particular game, there is the highest amount that can be paid for the specific game. That highest limit is what is called the aggregate limit.  

Poker face

Sometimes in poker, the person with the cards may notice an opportunity to win. The person can be excited and show expressions on his or her face. The expressions can be fatal because some people are good at understanding emotions through faces.

The other player will notice and spoil the chance. If the person can contain the excitement and not show on the face, the person is said to put on a poker face.


The jackpot can mean several things. It can mean a state where a player suddenly wins a huge amount of money. It can also mean a hard situation or a tight spot.

Blue chip

Some businesses like sports broadcasting are perceived as high-profit undertaking. They are businesses that can bring a quick turnaround in terms of profitability. They can also be fields like the stock market, money markets, and gambling. When referring to them, a person can term them as blue-chip.


When playing blackjack, a player may decide to pick an extra card to add winning opportunities. The player may use an expression such a hit me. Others might say he was hit.

High roller 

The phrase refers to a gambler who doesn’t fear spending his or her money on gambling. High rollers are known to bet huge amounts of money.