Eric Wetlaufer – Why He Is Such a Great Attorney

I have worked in the field of law for many years now and during that time I have worked with some terrible attorneys who honestly make you question how they have a job. I have also however, worked with some truly great attorneys like Wesson born Eric Wetlaufer. Eric is someone who I have worked on a number of cases with and each time we have walked into court together he has been incredibly professional and I really enjoy working with him. We first met when we were working a case for Fidelity investments and ever since then I knew that he had something different about him. Over the years I have watched Eric blossom into greatness and here is what makes him great.


Eric is not interested in the cases which bring the big bucks, what he is interested in is justice and making sure that everyone gets a fair trial. I am not sure that Eric has declined a case before and he works as much pro-bono for men and women in difficulties as he does for the big corporate giants. People get lost in the legal world and forget why they are here, this is something which Eric has never done.


I often speak with the clients which Eric has had and they all tell me about how what they like most about working with him is his level of communication which he has with the clients. To be frank I have always felt that Eric was a good people person and this is the perfect example of that. Waiting around whilst a court case is pending can be frustrating but Eric’s approach to communicating well with his client’s has meant that his clients feel comfortable working with him.


Eric is someone who understands what it takes to build and maintain positive relationships and throughout the courts here he has a great many allies from rival attorneys to judges. Eric is always humble and seems to be very relaxed in any kind of company. These relationships are why he is so well respected in these parts, even when people are losing to him.

Team Building

Contrary to what the television may have you believe, attorneys do not win cases on their own and they must rely on a solid team effort to make it happen. What Eric has gradually done at his own firm is to put together a great team of individuals who work in perfect synergy with each other. In doing this Eric proved that he is not only a great attorney, but also a great leader.


Every attorney must be good when it comes to arguing their case and Eric is probably the best and the most natural than I have ever seen. In fact I believe that such is Eric’s persuasiveness, he could argue that grass was blue and you would eventually come around to his way of thinking!

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