Dock Square Parking Garage – How They Get It Right When Others Don’t

Having worked in the center of Boston, MA for a number of years now the greatest problems that I face are the number of cars on the road and the traffic that is caused as a result. As if this wasn’t enough, there is also an absolutely nightmare trying to find a parking garage which is able to do the very simple job of looking after your car. I go to work on public transport where possible in order to avoid this but I am often out and about for meetings os it isn’t always possible. Thankfully I have finally, after three years of trying, found the perfect place in Dock Square parking garage which means that I will no longer have to face the nightmare of finding parking. It baffles me how so many of these places don’t get things right and here is how the guys at Dock Square do it.


The amount of negative reports from parking garages all over Boston,MA about thefts, car damage and break-ins is simply astonishing, especially given that security should be top of the priority list for anyone who wants to run a parking garage. You don’t simply rent out spaces, you are also offering the service of security and you should always deliver. Here at Dock Square they have cameras and plenty of staff who are vigilant.


The parking lots in the city are trying to make as much money as possible and so they try to cram as many cars into the space which they have. Naturally this means that getting around the parking garages is very difficult and it also means that there is very little room in which to park, or in which to maneuver. Dock Square on the other hand leave ample space for people to park their cars and they are not as greedy as the other garages which gives the customer a much nicer space to drive  in and minimizes the risk of any damage being caused.


The price here is one of the most reasonable that I have seen in the city and they have goo discounts too for people who choose long stay, making it the perfect option for me. Unfortunately however many of these garages think that they can charge anything that they want and they have astronomical fees, some even have hidden charges. Most people who use these garages will do so every day and they just cannot afford the price which many are looking to charge, especially when they are not getting good value for money with the lack of security and the lack of space. Car parking garages should be competitive and they should have a sound and transparent pricing structure, if they don’t have that then I would advise you to go and look somewhere else because these guys are probably looking to make a killing off renting out a humble parking space.

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