DIY Gifts that Will Blow Your Partner Away

Get your partner a thoughtful gift that helps them appreciate you more

Gifting is a love language that allows us to appreciate our partners and strengthen our bond. Nevertheless, finding the perfect gift can be a very daunting task. Also, the perfect gift might be over your budget.

So why not make something for your significant other? It is a thoughtful gesture that deepens your bond and expresses your commitment to the relationship. For those in a long-distance relationship, DIY gifts are ideal for sending warmth and comfort to your partner.

That said, here are several gift ideas you should make for your partner;

A Care Package

A care package is one of the most intentional gifts you could get your partner. It is a thoughtful way to let them know how much you love them and think about them.

Putting together a care package is not only fun, but it helps you get closer to your significant other. If you are in a long-distance relationship, adding in a few things from home might offer your partner some comfort in a strange place.

A basic package includes a book/comic, snacks, a gift card, a favorite movie, your favorite photo of them, and candles.


Scrapbooks are a fabulous way of immortalizing your relationship

Curating a scrapbook is a fabulous way of commemorating your love story. Documenting your love story allows you to keep track of your relationship and how it matures over time.

Even if you’re not an avid scrapbooker, you can create a special, humorous piece for your significant other once in a while.

You can opt to build one around every aspect or create a large, all-inclusive scrapbook. Here are some ideas you can work around;

  • Document your anniversaries – This should be easy if you are a hoarder. Tickets to anniversary dates, valentine cards, Polaroid photos, and trinkets are great ideas for a romantic scrapbook. If this is too much work, you can put together a collection of photos from over the years.
  • Compile your notes – If you’re constantly exchanging notes with your significant other, you can compile them in your book. Photocopy the letters so you can customize the size of the templates.

Things I Love about You Jar/Book

When you’ve been together a while, the sparks might die off. So, it is essential to constantly remind your partner why you love and choose them. Write your reasons on little pieces of paper, fold them and toss them into a mason jar. For queer couples, you can opt for rainbow-colored papers.

Alternatively, you can create a book with all the reasons why you love your partner. A book allows for more detail, such as a memory or a photo to accompany your reason. In addition, you can decorate it however you like.

Spotify Plaque

Sharing a playlist is very romantic, but a favorite song increases your intimacy. You can immortalize your favorite song by creating a Spotify music frame.

What’s better than a soundtrack of your love?

Instead of the original album art, use a picture of the two of you. Spotify creates unique codes for particular songs, so you can generate them and add them to your plaque. That way, your partner can scan it and listen to the song automatically.

Rainbow Themed Craft

Nothing says love more than a romantic, thoughtful gift. It gets better if you can appreciate your partner’s sexuality and orientation. You can never go wrong with a rainbow-themed craft. You can go for a simple, handy project such as a phone case or a more detailed project like tie and dye or painting clothes.

A button phone case is a simple project you can try. Make a selection of buttons from the rainbow colors. You can include some specialty or textured buttons for a more splendid look and feel. You can check here for more ideas and inspiration.

On the other hand, painting clothes with rainbow hearts and pink triangles is more fun. Here are a few tips to get you started;

  • Before you start, layer your clothes with a coat of white paint, especially if you’re working on black or blue denim. This way, your colors will pop more.
  • Although they are expensive, try and go for the fabric color and markers. They offer better results. But if you’re on a budget, permanent markers and acrylic paint work just fine.
  • Before you start drawing or painting on your clothes or shoes, make a sketch of your designs with a pencil first. You can erase pencil marks, but correcting paint or permanent makers might prove a little difficult.
  • Next, tape off every part you don’t intend to paint. Not only does this prevent smears, but your designs will be crisp and perfect. When you’re done, paint over your designs with clear paint that suits your fabric.
  • Before you give your project to your partner, make a point and wash it. Turn them inside out and wash on a gentle cycle. Tumble dry on low, and if possible, line-dry it. This will prevent the colors from bleeding, thus making sure the colors remain bright.

Date Night Flip Book

We live in a hectic world, and people are always forgetting about date nights. Even when they do set dates, not everyone has the time to plan for them.

Pre-planning your dates allows you to show your partner how much you love and think about them. So, no matter how busy you get, you’ll always have an intentional plan each time you spend time with your partner. Pre-planning date nights gives you something to look forward to when your partner is out of town or if your relationship has hit a rocky patch.

If you’re having a hard time listing a run-down, you can start by listing ideas on a monthly basis. You can then build on these ideas by filling out the details and picking out a date later.

Message in a Bottle

Get them a digital message in a bottle

Leaving a message in a bottle is always a romantic gesture, but most people have a hard time getting it out. So instead of the traditional piece of paper, you can opt for the USB option. Digital storage is the gift that keeps giving, and you don’t have to worry about wear, and you can give more than one message.

Add songs, photos, letters, and your favorite movies to your drive and send it to your significant other.

A Comic Book

If you lean towards the artistic side, you can create a comic out of your story together. You can create an alternate universe where you’re superheroes or villains, whatever both of you talk about. You can print out previous text messages and use them in your comic to make it more authentic and relatable.

If your partner is a comic nerd, but you can’t create one, you can make one on an app and print it. If you’re creating an anniversary present, you can highlight your entire relationship in a comic.

Memory box

If you’re in a long-term relationship, then you should consider creating a memory box for your partner. You can get creative in the things you put in your box. It can be Polaroids, parade pictures, funny notes, mementos, or vacation tickets.

So every time your partner looks into the box, they’ll only reminisce about the good times. If you have the time and the talent, you can create an exploding box instead.

Photo Collage Canvas

Photo collages allow you to assemble photos from different parts of your relationship

This is the perfect gift for whatever occasion you are planning. You can highlight the memories you have created over the course of your relationship or from a particular vacation. While you can create from a blank canvas, you can opt to get a pre-designed canvas and then upload your pictures later. Alternatively, you can collage your photos before printing. The size of your canvas will depend on the number of photos you plan to use. In addition, there are numerous color selections for your background.

Creating your collage online allows you to add text without risking ink damage. However, you can always leave a blank space so you or your partner can leave little notes.


There are many more ideas you can bring to life, depending on your budget and availability. While making a customized gift for your significant other, don’t base it on what you like. Instead, focus on what they love and enjoy doing, then build around those ideas. Otherwise, you’ll just be creating a present for yourself.

What are some of your favorite DIY projects? Feel free to share your thoughts and comments with us. We would love to hear from you!