Differences Between BAKFlip MX4 & BAKFlip G2 Tonneau Covers

BAK Industries set the gold standard for hard folding tonneau covers. With each new model, it introduces innovative new features while meeting its own strict quality standards. The MX4 BAKFlip and its predecessor the G2 are no exception. They both provide solid protection, but the MX4 includes some key upgrades. Comparing the two models can help you choose the best one for your truck.

Features Shared by the G2 and MX4

The G2 and the MX4 give you dependable protection and complete bed access. Some critical BAK Industries features show up in both models. These hard folding covers completely secure your payload bay when the cover’s closed and the tailgate is locked. They also use aircraft-grade aluminum panels that resist corrosion and rust. Both covers also bolt onto the truck bed – no drilling needed. You can install them with a wrench and socket set within an hour.

Another feature you’ll see on both models are the EPDM rubber seals around the side rails and hinges. In this case, “EPDM” stands for ethylene propylene diene monomer. This synthetic rubber offers excellent resistance to water, weather and UV rays, so it helps keep water out of your truck bed.

Improvements on the MX4

The BAKFlip MX4 retained a few other features from the G2, but they now sport some upgrades. The MX4 pairs sturdy aluminum panels with a high-density heavy-duty foam core, allowing it to support up to 400 pounds of evenly distributed weight. This is a significant improvement from the G2’s 300-pound capacity.

Both the G2 and the MX4 also sport a drainage system in their side rails. Integrated channels route water out and away from your bed, keeping its contents dry. The key difference is in the rails’ appearance – they have a more finished look and no exposed raw aluminum in the MX4.

While the G2 and the MX4 sport a protective coating, the latter uses a different style of finish. The G2 had a black glossy exterior, while the MX4 has a matte black finish. Both versions resist UV rays, but the MX4’s powder coat also protects the cover from denting and scratching.

New Feature: Dual-Action Tailgate Seal

Along with classic and improved features, the BAK MX4 also comes with something new – a dual-action tailgate seal. That’s a serious upgrade from the G2, which has an overlapping tailgate seal. The major drawback with overlapping seals is that you can’t shut your tailgate without opening the truck bed cover first. The dual-action seal solves this problem, letting you shut the tailgate with the cover open or closed. You can reach items near the tailgate while keeping the rest of your cargo protected and dry.

Thanks to its BAK truck covers, BAK Industries is now an industry leader in hard folding truck covers. Not bad for a company that got its start making truck bed liners, right? Whether you choose the G2 or the MX4, be sure to shop at a reputable off-road parts and accessories retailer.