Christmas Present Ideas For The Confused

Christmas is almost here and many of us feel confused again…what to buy, whom to buy it for … well, I’d personally also add the question why to the list, but for now, let’s forget the second and third question and talk about the first one. If you don’t know what to buy people, what might be some good general gift ideas?

When I read such posts on other sites, they are all pretty much affiliate sites and recommend either kitchenware (well, mainly, and then some other electronics) and clothes, and these are the exact things that in my opinion are a definite no-no. So what are good ideas from where I’m sitting?

Everything is in our laptops and our phones these days, but the truth is that even the most tech-savvy people still like to feel paper in their hands. And reading is good in general. So books can be a very good gift. What sort of book depends on the person. If your friend/family member is into sci-fi, you know what to look for. If they are mainly practical people and love to learn stuff while sitting in the bus, plane or anywhere else, maybe a good book would be something in the How to for Dummies series. For children, comic books are still a thing. Just make sure you know the people you are buying the books for.

During Christmas and before/after New Year’s Eve many artists are going on Christmas tours – buying a ticket for any of those might be just a perfect gift for some people. Of course, for some it might be anything but a perfect gift, so again, know your people before buying them the tickets. And tickets can also include ticket to the local cinema, theater, tickets for american lotto. When it comes to tickets, there are lots of different options.

Weird gadgets
Let’s forget about kitchenware and normal things. Yes, some people like normal everyday stuff but let’s be honest – these things are boring. So why not buy some weird gadgets online. So what kind of weird gadgets are we talking about here exactly? Well, it can be anything. But in my mind it would be stuff like amateur spy gear – imagine a lighter that’s actually a camera, or a pen that’s actually a camera. Or it could be pen that’s actually a lighter. Why not. Or it could be a smart phone paper plane (look it up!), rainbow night light, or anything else.

Board games
Board games have made a huge comeback the last few years, so there are literally thousands of games to choose from. And what makes these gifts perfect is that you can enjoy the games together.

Interesting beers
If you like your beer, and so does your friend – finding interesting craft beers they have never tasted before can be used as neat presents.