Choose the Perfect Time to Buy a New Car


It is quite frustrating to see that the car you wish to own is beyond your budget range. The good thing is that you can negotiate with the car dealer and hope that you get it at your desired price. The problem is that even after haggling, you still cannot afford the car since the discount is not as big as you hoped.

Apart from learning how to negotiate, you also need to check the best time to purchase the car. With proper timing, you could get the vehicle at the desired price.

Towards the end of the month or quarter

Car dealers need to meet a quota at the end of the month or quarter. Therefore, if they are yet to sell enough units at that point, they will be easy to negotiate with. They are ready to drastically drop the price as long as you sign the deal. They would rather sell the car at a low price than not meet their quota for that period. As long as you are asking for a reasonable deal, you might get it.


During the winter, people are not keen on buying a new vehicle. The roads are not easy to drive on. They would rather stay at home. Convertibles are also quite useless during winter since no one would want to open their car given the freezing temperature. Therefore, it is the right time to consider buying a car. When the dealers are not selling anything due to the weather, you could take the opportunity to ask for a great deal.

Updated models are available soon

When existing models will soon receive an update, it is time to consider buying the previous model. Since the new line will be an upgrade of an existing model, most people would consider buying it. Think of it in the same way as smartphones. When Apple releases a new line of smartphones, its old line will most likely receive a significant price drop.


Usually, showrooms are less busy during weekdays. People are not keen on buying a new car at that time since they are too busy with work. Take the opportunity to head out and look at options. If you already know what you want, you can ask for a good deal.

Wait a few months after the release of a new model

It also helps if you wait for some time before buying a new model. After a few months, you will see a decline in its price. Do not go to showrooms when the model you want is still hot. Dealers are unwilling to negotiate with you since they know lots of potential buyers could purchase the car at its original price.

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