Choose San Diego For Your Honeymoon

Selecting where to go as a newly married couple is one of the most fun elements of planning the entire wedding. After the big day you will want to relax somewhere beautiful, and reflect on the most important day of your life. If you are having difficulty deciding which destination would be best for you, consider San Diego. This Californian city is a hub of culture, nature, and art, with activities for everyone, including younger members of the family. Read on to discover why San Diego is the perfect honeymoon destination.

Dance the night away

For couples that enjoy sunset dining, live music, and dancing into the early hours of the morning, San Diego will certainly appeal. Discover the exciting venues strewn across the city, from small, old-fashioned bars, to glitzy casinos with a nightclub vibe. Soak up the scenery at an intimate waterside club while enjoying excellent cuisine and attentive servers, or venture to downtown San Diego for a fun-filled night in busy bars where you experience the hospitality of the locals.

Family time

During a San Diego Honeymoon Things To Do are plentiful, but if you already have a young family and intend to take them on this vacation with you, this is definitely the right destination for you. There are assorted theme parks in San Diego, from authentic amusement parks, to thrilling rollercoaster parks for the braver members of the family. One of the most famous theme parks in the area is Belmont Park which was opened in 1925. It has had quite a few health and safety upgrades since then, you will be relieved to know, but it maintains the family-friendly ambience it established all those years ago.

A romantic retreat

For those searching for the perfect romantic getaway, San Diego has plenty to offer. Sunset Cliffs Natural Park is a must, with its beautiful waterside views, craggy rockfaces, and 68 acres of hilly conservation area and flatter terrain. Couples can even marry at the Park, and it could therefore be the perfect location for your destination wedding, as well as your honeymoon. Balboa Park also provides a romantic vibe with its landscaped gardens, intriguing museums and fantastic galleries. Newlyweds can stroll through verdant open space and enjoy a romantic meal in one of the many eateries at the park.

First-rate accommodation

Where you stay is just as important as the location, and San Diego accommodation provides idyllic retreats for honeymooning guests. You can choose to stay close to the coast, or select a hotel right in the heart of the city, depending on your personal preferences. A coastal guesthouse allows you to wake to ocean views and a fresh, sea-air breeze, whereas a more central hotel offers easy access to plenty of restaurants, bars, nightclubs and shops and boutiques.

San Diego may have not been your first thought when contemplating your honeymoon, but it is clear to see why it is the perfect choice for your first vacation as newlyweds.