Buy Gifts That Give Back to the Community

There are so many gift-giving occasions every year, and it can be a struggle to come up with new ideas. It is always smart to find a product that gives back to the community in some way.

Giving two gifts at once feels good. The person you love will be so happy and someone in need will have an easier life because of you.

Before you purchase a gift for anyone, you should think about the impact it will have. The first goal should be to give them something useful, but you should also consider how they’d feel knowing they have a product that helped somebody that needs it most.

Wouldn’t you rather buy a product that gives back instead of a similar product that doesn’t?

Think about the impact you’ll have on making the world a better place. Give socially conscious gifts to make an impression on the people you love.

These seven ideas should give you a head start in finding great gifts that give back.

  1. Tiesta Tea

Tea is a popular, beneficial beverage that many people enjoy. Imagine how much your friend would love sipping on a hot cup of Tiesta Tea to start their morning off right.

The loose teas that this company makes are full of antioxidants to make you feel better inside and out. They also offer a variety of iced teas and a special Tea Brew to appeal to everyone!

On top of all the delicious beverages that Tiesta Tea offers, they give back to the community in multiple different ways.

This company hosts their own Spread the Warmth event during which they provide care packages to those in need that are living on the streets during the cold months. They go to soup kitchens and shelters to give a little extra love to those who need it.

Tiesta Tea also assists with the installation of clean water wells in Nigeria to spread access to clean water into areas that don’t otherwise have it.

Finally, this company helps the special needs community feel more involved by partnering with a nonprofit teahouse that employs those individuals who are often left out.

By purchasing a Tiesta Tea product for your friend, you’ll be doing more than just making them happy.

  1. STATE bags

Everyone needs a stylish, functional bag. This is one that helps give back to the community.

STATE bags donate a fully stocked backpack to a child in need right here in the United States with every bag purchased. They also fund projects that raise awareness of inequalities in the States to help make a difference.

This bag is great for students, people in the workforce, or even the frequent flyer. It has just enough space for everything you might need throughout the day.

It is easy to carry and fits in with any style. Your loved one will feel great knowing the impact they have made by supporting STATE bags.

  1. Soapbox Soaps

Handsoap, body wash, and hair products are all things that people use on a daily basis (we hope, at least). Soapbox Soaps provides all of these and a little more to the community!

With every product that is purchased, Soapbox donates a bar of soap to someone in need, both in the United States and around the world.

Along with the bar of soap, the individuals that receive it are also given hygiene lessons so they know how to properly care for themselves.

The profits that the company gain also go toward funding research into how sanitation can help stop a serious eye disease that leads to blindness in many places worldwide.

A practical gift from Soapbox Soaps will give your friend the confidence and cleanliness they need.

  1. United By Blue

Candles make a great gift to help brighten up any home. A candle from United By Blue is also great for the environment.

For every product that the company sells, they remove one pound of trash from oceans and waterways around the world. To date, United By Blue has removed close to 2 million pounds of trash from the earth.

Make a difference in the environment by purchasing one of these beautifully scented candles for your friend.

  1. Kool8

It doesn’t get much better than helping the environment and donating toward making people’s lives better at the same time. When you purchase a gift from Kool8, you’ll be doing just that.

For every reusable water bottle purchased, Kool8 donates 20 percent of the profit towards providing clean water around the world. Many countries do not have access to clean water, causing harmful diseases to spread through drinking and using dirty water.

The Kool8 bottle is so socially conscious and environmentally friendly, which makes it even more attractive to customers. This reusable bottle is helping keep the earth clean by reducing waste from harmful plastic bottles.

Buy a reusable bottle for your friend and you’ll both benefit from the positive impact your gift has on the environment.

  1. Ethique

Every woman in your life probably goes through a daily skincare routine. She’ll love new skincare products that will leave her feeling clean and refreshed, and they come in eco-friendly packages!

All of the products sold at Ethique come in compostable boxes rather than harmful plastic bottles. And, with every purchase of a cleansing bar from this company, you are helping eradicate up to three plastic bottles from the earth.

In addition to helping the environment, Ethique also donates 20 percent of its profits to a few different charities and helps home pets that need adoption.

Don’t give your friend another skincare product that is causing the planet to deteriorate. Make more conscious decisions that will make both you and your friend happy.

  1. Hope Products

It’s hard to find a person that does not enjoy a cup of coffee at least once a day, making this caffeinated beverage a great gift for anyone. The coffee from Hope Products does more than just add a boost of energy to your morning.

50 percent of the profits made from Hope Products go toward funding research at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital. The amount donated is no less than $250,000 each year.

The coffee is deliciously smooth, made from specialty Arabica beans. There are five different flavors to choose from, so it’ll be easy to pick the drink that your friend would enjoy the best.

By giving this coffee to your friend, you are also giving the gift of hope to children that are in need.

Make your gift stand out by choosing a product that will benefit more than just the person that receives it. The decisions you make when purchasing a present could make a difference in someone’s life.

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