Bridal Accessory Trends in 2021

Now that we’ve reached the halfway point of 2021, it’s a good time to take a look at some of the year’s most popular wedding accessory trends. Take a look at the year’s greatest wedding accessory trends to see if any of them match your idea of your bridal appearance as you get ready to walk down the aisle.

Veils with Embroidery

Veils are a traditional wedding adornment, but this style for 2021 enhances them. Brides like adding embroidery to their veils, whether it’s a floral design or something more personal like a monogram or wedding date. This is a modest yet effective method to wear something unique on your wedding day.

Earrings with Drops

Drop earrings are all the trend this wedding season, with drop earrings taking centre stage. Earring with diamonds, pearls, and beading are very fashionable. This collection of gems is exquisite and creates a wonderful impression regardless of the bride’s dress or hairstyle.

Jewellery with a lot of colours

The year 2021 is all about vivid and vibrant statement piece jewellery. Colourful stones in custom jewellery from a jewellery store in Brisbane is a great way to make a statement on your special day. Consult with your jeweller on colours and types of jewellery and stones you want, to get exactly what you want. After your wedding day you’ll have great jewellery pieces you can wear on special occasions.


Although it may seem unusual to wear a belt with a wedding gown, this 2021 bridal accessory trend is fashionable. Many slim dresses may be enhanced with modern leather belts in white or ivory. Another method to capitalise on this trend is to wear beaded sashes. Finally, gleaming banded belts offer a touch of glitz to every wedding ensemble.

Capes with no sleeves

Sheer capes are another fashionable wedding item. For something fashionable and distinctive, they are a perfect alternative to a veil. Many designers have started creating their versions of these, including ones with embroidery and artistic motifs to take the appearance to the next level.

Crowns of flowers

Flower crowns have been a significant bridal accessory trend this year, thanks to the smaller, more personal, and outside aspect of many weddings in 2021. These have a bohemian vibe to them, but they can be altered to fit practically any bride’s aesthetic. Flower crowns, whether made of delicate flowers or vibrant, busy blooms, make a stunning impression and are an ideal natural accent.


Barrettes are a beautiful hair item that is becoming more popular among brides. These are typically more subtle and effective in holding hair in place. These may be found adorned with flowers, gems, or pearls to match your outfit.


Hairpins are another popular wedding adornment this year, in addition to hairpieces. These are flexible since they may be worn with both vintage and traditional outfits. These look excellent in an updo or braid, and when placed throughout the hair, they provide a flash of glitter or texture. Another nice thing about them is that they’re usually fairly reasonable, making them a cost-effective option to upgrade your style!

Veils of Flowers

Veils are always in vogue when it comes to weddings, but new fads come and go with these classic headpieces. Floral embroidery is the newest improvement to the traditional veil, whether it’s a floral trim or flowers embroidered all over the veil. This is a charming addition to a spring or summer wedding.

Jewellery from the past

Everything old has a fresh lease of life! Vintage gems are gaining popularity again, especially among women who want to integrate them into their wedding day look. This 2021 trend includes vintage wedding and engagement rings, brooches, earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Plus, half the pleasure is in finding the ideal antique item for your wedding day!

Use these trends to design your ideal wedding style, complete with all of the necessary accessories!

A Purse or Clutch

When it comes to your wedding day, a handbag is both functional and attractive. After all, how else are you going to carry your makeup, phone, and any breath mints or snacks? You may not want to have it with you throughout the wedding ceremony, but it will be useful during the reception. When you’re greeting guests or doing other wedding chores, you may want to seek the help of your maid of honour or a bridesmaid to keep things safe for you. Keep it minimal and attractive when in doubt.

Bows that are fun to play with

Accessories with large, whimsical bows will be quite popular in 2020. This might be in the shape of a pair of shoes, a belt, a handbag, or even a headpiece. Bows are so feminine that it’s only natural that they’d be worn by a bride.

Flowers in three dimensions

While this is a popular dress style, it will also be seen in accessories in 2020. Everything from gloves to wedding handbags will include 3D floral appliques.


Belts have always been a popular wedding accessory, and their popularity will continue to expand in 2020. The beauty of belts is that they come in a wide range of styles, from laser cut to beaded to metallic. Another area where the previously stated trend, 3D flowers, maybe seen is here.

Flowers that may be worn

Brides in 2020 will be blooming as they choose to integrate fresh flowers into their looks. Flower crowns, or just weaving flowers into a hairstyle, will be a popular way to add a burst of colour to any wedding outfit.

Is it better to wear a shrug or a jacket?

Having a fashionable shrug, jacket, or even a cardigan on hand, depending on the season or where you’re being married, is always a smart idea. If you’re getting married in the winter, you’ll want something that will keep you warm while still appearing stylish. It’s a good idea to have something to keep you warm on chilly evenings, particularly if you’re having an outdoor wedding. Do you have a strapless dress on? A stylish shrug or bolero is a terrific addition to any outfit.

Your wedding gown is undoubtedly the focal point of your outfit, but by completing your bridal style with these beautiful accessories, you’ll be able to shine!