Believe in your success with Spotify promotion!

Just a small town boy, born and raised in South Detroit, I took the midnight train, going anywhere… That was “Don’t stop believing” by Journey. Don’t stop believing, never stop believing. Especially when it comes to your musical career. Faith is everything, and you need a lot of it. Believing in yourself, in your talent and your music is the most important thing in your career development. Because how can you interest a listener in your music and make him believe in you, if you don’t believe in yourself in the first place? Allow me to share my story with you, the story about how I became popular on Spotify, and finally achieved some greatness. I will not mention my name or any names, just to make this text less biased.

Few years ago I was just like you – young, ambitious, creative. It seemed to me that I have all the ingredients of success – I have created a Spotify account, uploaded a few songs, and developed some fresh and crazy sounds. But I lacked faith. The whole time it felt like I was not going to succeed, because my Spotify metrics were low, and there was literally no growth. But then I stumbled across a Spotify promotion. Yes, I was skeptical at first, but after just one purchase I have gained more confidence than any person could give me.

Such a small thing as Spotify promotion has shown me that I can grow, and people can like my music. It was a very substantial mental boost that allowed me to create more, act bold, and stop fearing failure. From that moment I knew – the promotion always got my back. I knew that no matter how unrecognized and unacceptable my music would be, I could always make my fall softer, or turn it into an ascension.

And do you know what was the best part? My wallet didn’t even feel that expense. So did Spotify – it noticed nothing. I asked my promoters how they do it, but couldn’t understand a thing. Something about organic attraction, traffic generation, social networking. So it remains a dark zone for me, I don’t want to know what it is and how it works, because I am fully satisfied with the result.

And where am I now? You can often find my songs in Spotify Top charts, popular playlists, and maybe even in your own library. And all that is possible for me because of a small decision I’ve made a few years back. OF course, my music and hard work did most of the work of making me a start, but it was the Spotify promotion that started it all, it was a boost right from the start. So I am grateful that I noticed such an option, and had courage to try it out. Definitely the best decision of my life. Now, I leave my dream – I am a popular musician, my hobby is my work, and I have something to leave in this world after I’m gone. I hope my text inspired you to take action, and you will repeat my journey. Don’t stop believing