Atlanta Shuttle Service – Benefits of Pre-Arranging Your Transfer

When you arrive somewhere new how to you get from the airport to your hotel and back again? Do you like to try and use public transport or do you like to arrange a transfer before you arrive? The latter here should certainly be your preferred options and a transfer can be the easiest and quickest way to get you to where you are going. My Atlanta shuttle service does most of its work in and out of the airport, helping togged newbies and locals alike to where they need to go. If you are heading off on a vacation or visiting somewhere new, here is why you should always look to pre-arrange a transfer.


Around the world it is fair to say that tourists are often considered targets my many people running scams and tourist traps. One of the most common scams which you are likely to see around the world is the taxi scam, where the driver takes you to the hotel of a friend rather than your own or even in some cases they will take you to a shop where you feel as though you cannot leave until you have bought something. Airports are the best place to pick up tourists for a scam, but you can avoid all of this if you simply arrange your transfer to pick you up when you arrive.

Personal Care

Another great benefit of arranging a transfer before you leave home is that you will receive personal care from the moment that you step off the plane. Not only will you have someone waiting for you, but they can assist you with your bags and give you a warm welcome to your new destination. This is not something that you can depend on with public transport, so why not book a transfer and get that customer service when you arrive in a new city. 


If you think about getting public transport then it certainly will bring your costs down but what if you were to get lost? This happens far more often than we would like to think but tourists are always getting on the wrong bus or train to get to their destination, causing them to lose time and money. When you arrive somewhere new most of us simply want to get to our hotel and store our bags, something which will be more difficult if you are lost in the public transport system. When you book an airport transfer there will be no mistakes at all, you will simply leave the plane, collect your bags and then your personal driver will take you directly to your hotel, easy and fast, what more can you ask for?

Don’t risk it when going somewhere new, make sure that you pre-organize your transfer so that you can rest easy on your flight, safe in the knowledge that someone will be waiting for you.