A Few Important Tips for Ordering Glasses Online

There was a time when eyeglasses were one of the very few things that you could never order online, without getting confused about the whole thing. Times have changed now and it’s so much easier to do so these days. Before you go ahead and order your first pair of glasses online though, go through the following basic, but important tips.

Go to the Optometrist First

If this is your first pair ever, then you probably have the updated optometrist’s prescription with you already. On the other hand, it is much more likely, that you have been using glasses for a while now, and it’s just that you have never ordered them online before.

If that’s the situation, then you have probably not visited the optometrist for a long time, which is a bad idea. It is necessary to always get your vision checked and your eyes examined by a professional, right before getting a new pair of glasses made. Of course, if the prescription was updated within the last 3 – 6 months, then it’s not necessary to get the report updated again.

Select a Frame that Suits Your Face Type

We all have different faces, but there are a handful of human facial features, under which most people can be categorized. Make sure that the frame you choose is ideal for the kind of face you have.

Racial features do play a part, but it’s more about whether your face is oblong, round, oval, square, etc. Check out this article to know more about facial categories and features.

Quality is Important

It is imperative that you don’t skimp out on the quality, since wrong power on your glasses can give you nasty headaches, while a flimsy frame will break easily, leaving you with blurry vision. Such scenarios can be potentially dangerous, both outside and inside the house, depending mostly on how severe the person’s visual impairment is. In fact, this is why you should always keep a spare handy, but we will get to that later on.

GlassesOnWeb has a big collection of Persol glasses, which is worth checking out, since the Italian luxury designer brand has been in the business of making stylish eyewear for more than 102 years at this point. Quality, style and perfection are three things that come guaranteed from Persol.

Order Two Pairs, Instead of Just One

We briefly mentioned how dangerous and inconvenient it can be for someone when their glasses break, so having a spare or two is important.

Although a high-quality-fiber glass frame from a branded manufacturer is less likely to break, they are glasses after all! It’s the perfect opportunity to boost your eyewear collection with a valid reason, by ordering two of them at once.

Most online stores usually offer discounts if you purchase more than one at a time, so there’s one more reason to order the spare and the main pair simultaneously.

Glasses are now as much about health, as they are about fashion, as made evident by the Persol collection we mentioned earlier. In the history of the human race, no other health accessory has ever managed to attain such a level of relevance in the world of fashion!

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