7 Silly Mistakes We Have To Avoid When Hiring a Web Designer in 2019

If you’re currently in the process of selecting or wanting to hire a web designer to create a high-quality website for your brand, simply continue reading to discover how to go about selecting the right web designer for your job.

7 Silly mistakes we have to avoid when hiring a web designer in 2019:

1. Hiring a web designer without seeing their professional portfolio

Never hire a web designer without asking to see their professional portfolio. Which should contain examples of some of their previous work for past clients, which they are particularly proud of. Viewing a web designer’s portfolio you should quickly get a sense of their skill level.

2. Hiring a contractor without drawing up a contract

To ensure that you receive the website that you requested, at the price which you agreed to, it’s critical to sign a contract before you get a web designer to start working on your new website. As if you don’t have a written contract your web designer may try to overcharge you for their work.

3. Choosing the cheapest web designer which you can find

Don’t be tempted to find the cheapest web designer which you can find as your website is an investment, so it’s important to hire a web designer who has the right skills to produce a high quality, attractive website.

While you don’t have to hire one of the most expensive web designers available, it is well worth hiring a competitively priced web designer.

4. Selecting a web designer whose style doesn’t fit your brand

Another mistake to avoid making is to choose a popular web designer whose websites’ style don’t match yours. If you view a web designers portfolio before you hire them, you’ll be more likely to get a clear understanding of their unique style as a web designer.

5. Forgetting to have a conversation with a potential web designer

It’s crucial to have a conversation with a potential web designer who you’re seriously considering hiring as it’s critical to choose a web designer who can understand your unique vision for your website. As no matter how skilled a web designer maybe if they are unable to understand your vision for your website clearly, they’ll be unlikely to be able to design a website that you’re 100% happy with.

6. Hiring a web designer who doesn’t reply quickly to your queries

Never hire a web designer who doesn’t reply promptly to your queries and questions as there’s no point hiring a potentially irresponsible, unreliable web designer who you may struggle to get a hold of. Instead, make sure to hire a web designer who responds to your messages within one working day.

7. Hiring a web designer without conducting necessary research on each potential web designer

The more information you have about each web designer, the better. So make sure to find out as much information about a web designer’s skills and talents before you make a final decision on which designer to hire!

If you follow all of the handy 7 steps listed above, you should have absolutely no trouble hiring the perfect web designer for your upcoming web design project.