7 Essential items for anyone going hunting

If you are thinking of going on your next hunting trip anytime soon then planning is key. Here are seven essential items that you shouldn’t leave home without to ensure you have a safe and enjoyable trip.

Hunting knife

For both safety and for practical reasons one of the most important things you can carry is a hunting knife or a Swiss army knife. You don’t know what situations you might come up against so having a knife to hand in case of an emergency or if you need to craft a shelter is always a good idea. Choosing the right hunting knife is also important as each style will have its own specific purpose.

Technical clothing

Ensuring you have the proper clothing for your trip is very important, especially if you are going in the winter or staying out overnight. Choosing a good quality base layer can make all the difference in the summer and the winter and Merino Wool is a great choice due to its door absorbing properties. Equally as important is the footwear you choose, it must be comfortable, supportive and durable.

Map and compass

If you will be covering any sort of distance then having a clear route and mapping out where you are going is vital. Taking a map of the area and a compass and knowing how to use them will help you to figure out where you are should you get lost. It can also be useful to pick out key features which may be significant when you are stalking animals.

Mobile phone

In case of an emergency you should always carry a mobile phone with you. This will enable people to find you should you get lost and it will allow you to make contact with people to let them know that you are okay. Taking an additional power source like a power bank is also advisable if you are heading out for a few days at a time.

Plenty of food and water

You should always leave plenty of room in your backpack for food and water. These two essentials will keep you going while on your trip and you should never set off without them. Sometimes if you are heading out for a few days it may not be possible to take enough water so you will need some way to purify water so you always have clean drinking water.

Sunscreen and headwear

Dehydration can be deadly so as well as carrying enough water you need to make sure that you are protecting yourself from the sun. Sunscreen will keep your skin safe from getting burnt and a good hat with visor will keep the sun from your eyes and reduce your chances of getting heat stroke.

Sleeping bag and tent

For trips where you plan on staying out overnight it may be tempting to think you will just find somewhere to sleep. Often this is not a good idea and you should always have at least a sleeping mat if you plan to sleep on the ground. This will stop the cold ground giving you hypothermia overnight.