6 Steps to a Smarter You

Many people wish to increase their intelligence but believe the chance has passed them by, but this isn’t the case. While school does give everyone the knowledge they need to become an adult, education does not need to end there. Whether you were a straight-A student or you failed a lot of your exams, there are still ways to become a smarter human, and here are six of them.

1. Read, Read, Read

You have probably heard it before, but it’s so important that it needs saying again. Reading is crucial for increasing your knowledge, so make sure you read as often as you can. Read books, magazines, articles – everything! Soak up as much information as you can through words, and you’ll find that your own ideas start forming.

Don’t worry if you have never been a book person, as it is never too late to start. Pick up a novel about something you are already interested in, and you will soon feel like you are part of the story rather than actively reading the sentences.

2. Find an Online Course

You don’t have to attend a school or college to do a course, as there are plenty of online courses you can dive into. Use an Udemy coupon and find a course you love to allow your brain to level up. Not only will you increase your intelligence, but you will also become more desirable to employers.

3. Consume the Right Media

Many people start their day by listening to the radio, watching TV, or listening to their favorite podcasts. Choosing ones that will expand your mind is a simple way of attaining knowledge without even thinking about it.

Find a podcast that teaches you history, watch unbiased world news, and find YouTube videos that teach you a new skill. By doing these things little and often, your general knowledge will quickly expand.

4. Exercise Your Brain

It’s never too late to give your brain a workout. Try some brain training exercises every morning when you wake up to prepare your mind for the day ahead. Puzzle books are also a great source of brain stimulation. Little by little, your mind will become quicker at solving, resulting in a smarter you.

5. Get Enough Sleep

There is no point in pouring a ton of information into your brain if you are not going to look after yourself, as it will just end up coming out the other end! Your brain needs enough sleep to function, so make sure you get to bed on time, so you wake up refreshed and ready for action on the other side.

6. Talk to Smart People

People are who they are around, so if your goal is to become smarter, then it is important to hang around with other smart people. Don’t worry if you feel lost in conversation at first, as over time, you will pick up on the subjects and find you can contribute sound points. Find a club of people who talk about a particular interest, for example, a language club or a book club. This way, you are constantly learning from others.