5 Ways To Level Up Your Record Player Setup

Let’s face it: record player installations aren’t cheap. If you’re anything like us, you’ve probably spent a lot of time and money on getting the best possible sound system. While this may not have been completely necessary, the music experience that it provides makes it all worthwhile.

Whether you’ve been a record player enthusiast for decades or just discovered their appeal, there’s nothing more gratifying than upgrading your setup. There are always things to upgrade, and this article will show you where to begin.

Follow these five simple steps to make your record player setup more effective. These strategies cover a wide range of budgets, ensuring that everyone can benefit from an upgrade.

1. Anti-Static Record Brush

You don’t want to take chances with your record player’s health. If you’ve gone through our record player maintenance guide, you’ll know how crucial it is to keep it clean. A buildup of dust (or any other sort of dirt, for that matter!) on the player’s surface might scratch the surface and cause sound distortions.

We encourage you to invest in an anti-static record brush to maintain your vinyl player as clean as possible. Wiping your record player may help to remove existing debris, but an anti-static brush will prevent future dust from accumulating. This keeps your player cleaner and sounding better for longer!

2. Turntable Mat

A turntable mat is another simple but cost-effective method to improve your record player. Turntables are kept stable by using a turntable mat between the platter and the vinyl. This protects them from scratches and dampened vibrations, therefore preventing damage to both audio quality and surface appearance of the records.

The great thing about turntable flooring is that there are so many different styles to pick from. This makes it much simpler to discover one that fits your current setup while expressing your individuality. To find out more about turntable mats, Upbeat Geek reviews the best on the market. You’ll be sure to locate one that suits your preferences, whether you go with a sleek black design or a cartoon-inspired retro mat.

3. Turntable Spirit Level

The more you focus on improving your turntable, the better it will sound. We’re continuing this train of thought with the next suggestion.

If you’re interested in the technical and scientific aspects of turntables, consider investing in a turntable spirit level. These spirit levels ensure that your turntable is as flat as possible, as the name implies. If it’s not level, you’ll know exactly what to do to fix it. When the parabola is on a flat surface, it produces a clearer sound.

4. Isolation Platform

If you’ve done all you can to level your record player but still have no luck, it’s time to invest in an isolation platform. These platforms are typically adjustable and include an in-built weight to assist prevent unwanted vibrations. This helps to provide a solid and level playing experience, with nothing but high-quality sound as a result.

5. Record Weights

Vibrations are a common problem with record players, especially vintage ones. There are several measures you may take to keep vibrations to a bare minimum. This is crucial because too much vibration will destroy the overall sound quality of your vinyl player.

The needle must be as steady as possible in order for your record player to function at its peak. Vibrations will occur if there is too much movement.

Keep vibrations to a bare minimum by recording your weights. Even tampered records may play at peak efficiency because of this. Although they are not required, experimenting with them is a good way to learn more about how record players operate.