5 Reasons Why Dogs Bite

Although not every dog is the same, there are usually the same factors coming into play when they bite.  Although no one wants their dog to bite an innocent stranger, sometimes it can happen out of the blue without expecting it.  You may find yourself confused, feeling guilty, and you may even be facing litigation.

You may be feeling helpless and wondering what you could have done differently.  In order to help you determine what may have gone wrong, take a look at some of the different factors that may have attributed to their sudden aggression.

Lack Of Social Skills

Dogs that lack proper socialization may act out suddenly when you least expect.  They may get nervous around large crowds, or may not be used to small children running around them.  

It’s vital that if you plan on taking your dog out with you in public, that you get them used to situations like these from a young age.  

Dogs that haven’t been exposed to people very much may panic and lash out.  Their intention isn’t to hurt anyone but rather to protect themselves because they feel threatened.


Puppies absolutely love to chew everything.  Not only because they’re playful by nature, but also because they’re teething!  Their little teeth are dying to dig into something which will satisfy their aching gums.

Therefore, it’s not uncommon for a puppy to take a chomp at a human without realizing that they’re inflicting pain.  It’s important to teach your puppy that biting isn’t tolerated. Be sure to give them plenty of toys so that they have somewhere to place all of that teething energy.

Traumatic Past

Sometimes dogs have gone through very traumatic experiences.  As a result, they are on high alert and interpret everything as a potential threat.

If you have adopted a dog who you suspect may have had a traumatic past, it’s crucial that you keep them out of situations which may trigger aggression.  Small children are probably a bad idea, and anywhere near other dogs. Take things slowly and don’t push them into anything that might release their fears.

Lack Of Boundaries

Dogs who lack boundaries from their owners tend to act out with behavioral issues.  Therefore, it’s imperative for you to teach them rules as soon as they arrive in your home.

A trained dog won’t just make you happier, but they’ll be happier themselves.  Dogs, much like children, thrive off of rules and boundaries. They need them to live a structured life!


Often dogs develop stress due to a variety of circumstances.  Perhaps they aren’t exercised enough, or maybe they have a physical problem which causes them discomfort.

As a result, they may become stressed, which results in lashing out by biting.