5 New Ways to Announce Your Product Launches

In the past, the company’s marketing teams were limited in the ways that they could advertise a new product or service. Earlier, the primary method of advertising was the local or national newspaper. With the use of catchy headlines, ads were used to introduce a new product or service to a broad target audience. Today, because of the constantly ever-changing fast pace of the internet, marketing teams have a wide range of mediums that they can use to introduce new product lines. In fact, if you are a business that would like to promote a new business startup, new products, and services, a newly created invention, you can pick and choose one or more of the following methods to get your message out to the mainstream.

1. Use Your Website to Sponsor a Contest

Unlike the traditional marketing campaigns of the past, marketing specialists have the freedom of being creative in their promotions. Simply put, they can branch out into waters that others have not tried before. For instance, with the launch of a new product, they may want to sponsor a contest to drive the interest up. One of the biggest challenges, however, with this type of promotion is the cold startup. A cold startup involves starting from the ground floor to get the launch of the contest going. Thankfully, there are many ways to get past this point. One of the most common is using noticeably interesting high price prizes and sponsors that can easily capture the attention of large target audiences. For instance, you may post about a new mattress sale for the first 100 customers that purchase a specific brand of mattress.

2. Create Social Network Campaigns

Even though social networks were initially used for personal reasons only, these networks have evolved into very resourceful business marketing tools. In fact, whenever a marketing team decides to make use of the power that these social networks possess, strategies can easily be created by using good engaging content. For instance, social media networks are known for pushing brand name products that meet certain requirements and qualifications. Also, when the product is exceptionally good, these promotional campaigns can go viral within a 24 hour period of time. As the chain of interest gets longer, the sales and revenue will increase quickly. This is one of the primary reasons why many small and large companies are creating effective social network campaigns and interest for the products that they really love.

3. Email Notifications of New Product Launches to an Exclusive Audience

One type of promotion for a new product is not enough in the new world of online promotions. This is because marketing teams can use several methods of marketing products to achieve the ultimate results. For instance, in addition to sending out ads to a specific target audience online, you can offer your customers an exclusive preview for the new product. You can send out this information through an email list of those that will more than likely patronage your business and your brand. In some cases, the invite that this group receives will be marketed as a special invitation to your loyal group of customers who like what you create and sell.

4. Allocate Money For a Facebook Ad

Aside from choosing specific social network media to build your new product promotions around, you can also use the power that you get with paid Facebook ads. Facebook ads are considered to be great opportunities since it taps into a customer base of at least 1.44 billion active monthly users. Therefore, if you want to target and audience with more than enough prospects worldwide, a Facebook ad is the way to go. For instance, when you want to place an ad on Facebook, you will have an opportunity to promote the new product to a specific location, a specific age group, and those that will have the same or similar interest.

5. Use Pinterest to Market a New Product

Just like other communication vehicles that businesses use to develop and launch their new products, Pinterest has a wide audience of visitors that professional marketers can appeal to. With the use of fun and exciting images to attract buyers to the product, Pinterest is also a valuable way to get good-paying customers to buy your new products.