5 Features of the Top Ford Dealer Serving Tallahassee, Florida

Once you decide that your next vehicle will be a Ford, there is only one Ford dealer serving Tallahassee, Florida to visit: Thomasville Ford Lincoln. Tallahassee and the surrounding area have several dealers to choose from, but you can’t go wrong when you shop for your new or used Ford at Thomasville.

Even if you choose not to shop with Thomasville, make sure that your dealer has these 5 important features.

Large Selection of New and Used Fords

Having options is the beauty of car shopping nowadays. Drivers are by no means limited in their options, especially when it comes to Ford models. Ford carries everything from durable trucks to peppy sedans, so whatever type of vehicle you’re searching for, your Ford dealer should have it.

Choose a dealership that carries a wide selection of vehicles, including new, used, and certified used cars, trucks, and SUVs. You never want to feel limited on your options, and you don’t have to when you visit a dealer with a variety of choices.

Several Financing Options

Just because you can’t afford a certain car model at this moment doesn’t mean you can’t drive it off the lot. Even if a car is a bit out of your budget, you should have several financing options available to you. This means that the dream of driving a Ford F-150 home from the dealer can quickly turn into a reality. Before signing anything though, make sure you understand what the financing option means and the interest rates involved.

Capable Service and Parts Department

If you experience problems with your new or used Ford, you should feel comfortable taking it to the dealership service department. They should offer affordable oil changes as well as service for major vehicle problems. A dealership is only as strong as its service department, so look into this before purchasing any vehicle.

Knowledgeable Team Members

It is normal to have questions as you browse around for a new or used vehicle. Of course you can find most information on the internet these days, but you should also be able to ask the dealership team members anything that’s on your mind. It’s a good sign when a salesman knows exactly how to answer questions regarding safety features and innovative technology within a vehicle.

Another tell-tale sign that a dealership is high in quality is when the salesmen aren’t pushy. Of course a salesman will try to do his job and sell a car, but you shouldn’t feel pressured in any way. This person is there to help answer questions and offer support, not just sell a vehicle.

High Rating Among Car Buyers

If your fellow community members do not have good things to say about a car dealership, listen. You should only be purchasing your Ford Fiesta or Fusion from a reputable dealer with high ratings among car buyers. Bad review happen for a reason, so trust what you hear from car buyers in your area.

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