4 Tips for Becoming a Memorable Business

There are lots of people competing all around the world right now for attention, especially as it concerns business concepts. So, if all of these people have similar products and maybe even exist in related areas, what makes one person succeed whereas another does not? The answer may come in the form of memorability. In other words, what does one business do to stick in your brain? If you can figure out how to create that stickiness for your company, then you will rise to the top of the pack.

So what are some things that you can do to be more memorable? First, if you learn about your customers, you can cater to some of your advertising toward them. Second, there is a purple cow principal that you can follow. Third, there are ways that you can use social media appropriately to have your business stick in someone’s mind. And lastly, there is a lot that you can learn about memorability by researching meme culture.

Learn About Your Customers

If you’ve ever been into a business and a worker there immediately came over to you and started asking questions or discussing things with you, then you tend to remember that. You can use this tactic to your advantage. If you plan on being memorable to your customers, make it a point to learn about them. You can do this through direct interactions, or it could be through surveys, or it could be through other creative methods. The point is that you are gaining knowledge about them, and they are gaining stories to tell about you.

Follow the Purple Cow Principle

There is a fantastic business idea that you can follow called the purple cow principal. In a group of cows, if you see one that is purple, you will immediately notice it. That is the essence of becoming memorable. Something about you has to stand out and be extremely visible. To improve your business possibilities, figure out what aspect of what you do can be converted into a purple cow.

Use Social Media Appropriately

Another way to become more memorable as a business entity is to use social media appropriately. Interact in remarkable ways. Bring up important topics. Add value to people’s conversations, and they will remember you. Using social media for business is a skill that needs to be practiced, but once you get good at it, you’ll find that there is a powerful advantage to this online charisma that you are promoting.

Learn About Meme Culture

In terms of stickiness, there are very few things more prevalent in today’s world than memes. When people see memes that they associate their belief systems with, they immediately archive them. These are usually single images with single statements. If you can figure out how to adjust that sort of promotional concept into something that your business can use, then you’ll find lots of benefits to advertising through memes.