4 Things You Should Consider When Buying a Vehicle Out of State

Going out of state can be a great way to get a deal whether you’re looking for a dealership or personal vehicle for sale. Demographics can make a huge difference in the demand for certain vehicles and you could find incredible bargains. However, it is not as easy as many might think. Many logistical issues come with buying cars from other states and you have to make sure you’re prepared for them. Only then will you be able to know how good of a deal you’re getting. Here are a few things you should consider when buying a vehicle out of state.

You Might not be Able to Ride it Out

One of the challenges of buying a car out of state is getting it out of there. You might think that you’ll be able to drive there with someone and get a temporary registration immediately so you can get the car back home, but it’s not always that easy. In some cases, you’ll have to jump through many hoops to even be able to drive the vehicle in that state, and it might be a better option to have the car hauled.

This is why we strongly suggest you speak with transport solution car haul services like Acertus before you get started. Get a quote first, then see how it will affect your margins.

Sales Taxes

Some people like the idea of being able to evade sales taxes by buying the vehicle in a state that doesn’t have any, like Oregon, Alaska, or Delaware, for instance. But one thing you should know is that you will have to register the car in that state to not pay taxes. This can be an issue if you live in a state that requires that you register the car in your state of residence. If you want to get more information, you will need to check out your state’s DMV beforehand to see what their policy is.


When it comes to registration, getting the paperwork from a dealership is usually simple. However, things can get a bit more complicated when dealing with private sellers. In this case, you might have to register the vehicle yourself with your local DMV. Note that you will need to have a VIN and make sure to verify it before you buy from anyone. This will ensure that this is not a stolen vehicle.


Different states also have different regulations as far as emissions go. For instance, while a vehicle might be authorized in a state like Nevada, the emissions might be too high for neighboring California. So will need to be aware of your vehicle’s rating to know if you’ll even be allowed to sell or drive it in your state.

These are all things you’ll need to take into consideration when buying a vehicle outside of state lines. If you have everything in order, you could be able to make great finds without getting into logistical issues.