3 Dominant Trends In Animation We Are Seeing Now

Animation in its earliest form came into existence well over a century ago, but it has evolved so much over the decades. However, the most important changes have only started to make their way into the world of animation in the last few years. Let’s look at some of the most prominent of these recent changes next to get an idea of what’s to come.

Technological Wonders are Taking a Back Seat

Contrary to what this statement may seem like, technological innovation is progressing faster than ever before, but it’s no longer the focal point of animation. What this means is that all the major forces in the animation industry have stopped the trend of trying to demonstrate how cutting-edge their technology is by producing visual marvels with little attention paid to the actual content. The amazing animations and accompanying effects are still getting better, but it’s the story that has once again become the primary point of interest, with technology coming in second – and only as a method to bring the story to life.

Animation has More Platforms than Ever Before

The London-based Spiel Animation Studio produces high-quality animations of all kind to tell stories for marketing campaigns, branding, intra-organizational messages and other business needs. This is proof of the fact that the demand for such content has increased exponentially in business recently and it’s a scope that will continue to grow because animations just work so well in marketing and branding scenarios. It was always the case really, but the recent boom of social media has made it more effective and popular than ever before. Not to forget, the scope of animation doesn’t end with marketing because there’s also the opportunity to entertain, thanks to so many online platforms like Netflix and Amazon prime Video opening their doors to new content from talented animation teams. The video game industry is no slouch either as it sits on top by bringing in over $100 billion (rough estimate) in revenue worldwide, and we all know that animation is an integral part of the gaming industry.

Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality

Let’s admit right up front that both AR and VR has disappointed a number of early adopters due to the slow progress in technology and limited applications. There’s no denying that fact, but that’s about to change and the animation industry will play a big role in bringing that change. Right now, there just isn’t enough content to justify adopting expensive AR and VR gadgets for most people and that’s exactly why there’s so much scope there. The big names in the industry are looking for the right animation teams that can become part of the future of augmented reality and virtual reality. That’s a huge opportunity, just waiting to be explored.

As should be obvious, the future of animation is looking pretty huge and businesses that are smart enough to realize that potential will probably benefit the most in the coming years. This not only means animation studios but every business that’s closely linked with the industry, including those that use animation as their primary tool of branding and marketing.