2 Reasons You Need a Rosin Press in Your Life

When it comes to gadgets in your home, there are already plenty of things to choose from. A quality coffee machine, A.I. systems, food processors, smart security, and much more. While all of these items are great to have, one useful tool that you might not have at home is a rosin press, and these are perfect for those who enjoy cannabis products for wellness and recreational purposes. They are becoming increasingly popular and can make extracting rosin much easier, and below is a brief description of what a rosin press can do and a few reasons why you should invest in one.

What is a Rosin Press?

Put simply. A rosin press is used to extract the cannabis concentrate rosin from the flower/bud. These concentrates can often be a lot stronger than if you were to smoke or consume the bud, so it is important to make sure you’re mindful of how much concentrate you use if you’re new to it. Some people might use these concentrates in edibles, or vapes, adding them to joints or dabbing them.

Two of the main types of rosin press you can purchase include a pneumatic press and a hydraulic press. The former works by using gas/air to create pressure to extract the rosin from the flower. You will need an air compressor for this type of press too, and they can often be larger, so they may take up more space at home.

The hydraulic press heats the liquid to create pressure and is usually smaller, making this a more popular choice for those looking to use it at home for personal use. You can see some great examples and more information about these at Nectar Rosin Press.

What Should You Get One?

Rosin presses aren’t going to be suitable purchases for everyone. Still, if you are someone who does use cannabis a lot, either for medicinal purposes, as part of your well-being routine, or for recreational purposes, then it could be a worthwhile investment for the following reasons.

It’s Easier Than DIY Methods

As rosin presses seem to be a high expense from the outset, it can be tempting to use DIY methods like using hair straighteners to extract rosin at home instead. While you can do this, if you use concentrates a lot, then investing in a press will be worthwhile in the long run. Not only will it allow you to do this more easily, but you’ll likely yield much better results. A press is also much more durable than using hair straighteners, so it will last for a lot longer!

Rosin is Purer than BHO

If you do use concentrates, you might be familiar with BHO (butane hash oil), and while this can still have the deserved effect, rosin is a purer concentrate as it doesn’t require a solvent to make. It’s also safer to produce rosin with a specialist rosin press as butane is flammable and can be difficult to handle, particularly for amateur extractors doing this at home.

These are both great reasons to invest in a rosin press, but there are many more for those who do enjoy using these concentrates as part of their lifestyle. Why not find out more and think about investing in one today?