10 Things You’ve Got to Say To Your Dad This Upcoming Father’s Day

Like a backyard tree who has been standing majestically and spreading its branching all across, our fathers have been blossoming likewise and providing most of the comforting shade to his family. A true epitome of strength and courage our fathers have been inducing strong vibes of valor via his unspoken or spoken words. He held our hands from the very first, paved the path for our career from the very beginning and no matter how stern he got, he kept loving us in the most unexpected manner! With Father’s Day around the corner, you might be seeking best father’s day gifts to shower him with your love, but how about we give you not one but ten messages with which you can make his day and at the same time gift him a mile wide smile.

You need to buckle up before we could take you on a ride which is so full and brimming with pure emotions and sentiments!

  1. “You Are My Superhero”

Just like Marvel and DC superheroes, he has been fighting our battles unknowingly or knowingly. A forever superhero, let him know how much you appreciate his efforts.

  1. “Thank you”

No matter if he is talking to you right now or not, you’ve got to feel how much he does for you and be thankful for all of it. You can even convey the message by engraving it on a mug or a key chain and ordering this father’s day gifts online right away!


  1. “I Will Make You Proud”

Every dad wishes that his son goes a long way in his career, let him know you believe the same.

  1. “You Were Right, Daddy”

Often through the course of time, we learn our mistakes and understand that we should have courageously followed his guidance. Well, its never too late, go ahead and seize the opportunity right now!

  1. “I Look Up To You’

To all those times, when we acted all stubborn and chose to ignore, it’s time to bow down right in front of your daddy and let him know that he has been right and will always be.

  1. “I Want To Spend More Time With You”

Often due to hectic schedules and jam-packed routines, kids become used to their fathers’ absence and vice versa. How about you plan an evening and take him out somewhere where both you can spend quality time.

  1. “Whoa Dad! Let’s Team Up And Show What We Are Capable Off”

Your dad might not say but he would love to team up with you and make you believe he has got your back. Well, let him you feel the same too.

  1. “Thanks For All The Things I Don’t Know About”

Our dads have done a lot for us and we’re well-aware about it. You can either say it or showcase it via meaningful tokens that can be easily delivered via a gifting portal that offers to send father’s day gifts in India.

  1. “ I am sorry for…”

The moment of self-realization should come with an apology. Be brave to say it and trust us, he will roll you in arms right there.

  1. “I Love You, Daddy, no matter what”

 These magical words hold an invaluable place in his heart, say it and your daddy will be the happiest daddy in town.