BCFS System Offers Adoption Advice for Parents

Bringing an adopted child into their “forever home” is a wonderful day for parents and the child. However, getting to that moment is not easy and requires a considerable amount of time and persistence. Parents wanting to adopt a child should first gain more knowledge about the process and look introspectively to ensure they can handle the responsibility. These parents can leverage resources such as advice from BCFS System that can set them up for adoption success. The organization offers residential services and shelters for children in need, as well as an array of other services including assisted living services and training for adults, and mental health services for kids and their families.

A first recommended step for parents is to engage in some “self talk” to ensure they’re fully prepared mentally and emotionally for an adopted child. Parents can ask themselves some questions such as “Why do I want to adopt?” and “Will I be able to provide a loving and stable home?” This type of discussion helps ensure parents are adopting for the right reasons and they’ll be able to offer a welcoming and consistent experience for their child. Adoption is a stressful undertaking, so parents should learn about the actual process and accept they won’t have total control and need to exercise patience.

There are two main pathways to U.S. adoptions. The first is through a traditional adoption agency that works with the parent(s) to find a suitable child and then complete the required paperwork and legal matters. The other type is known as “independent” adoptions and are conducted with the help of a specialized adoption attorney. These independent adoptions are ideal for people that want more control over the adoption details, including much of the paperwork and other procedural matters. Many parents turn to the foster care system to find a child. There are hundreds of thousands of kids in the foster care system, and many facilities work closely with adoption agencies to pair kids with suitable parent matches. Parents adopting a foster child need to complete additional training sessions that will provide them with some coping and managing tools to help overcome any challenges.

In addition to picking the right type of adoption process, parents also need to determine the preferred characteristics of the child they wish to adopt. Will they only consider infants or toddlers, or are older kids an option? What about kids from a different race or cultural background? These are important discussions for parents because it helps them to be on the same page and ensures the adopted child is welcomed into the best possible environment.